Hill Street Blues

Season 1 Episode 1

Hill Street Station

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1981 on NBC

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  • Capt. Furillo is loaded with many worries including the fact that his son was playing with a gun and a hostage situation.

    Certainly a different take on a tv pilot. As a cop show, “Hill Street Blues” doesn’t pull any punches and throws you directly into the action. We meet the characters but we don’t get a full rundown of what they are like instead we are show how they are like through the daily activities in the office. Furillo has an ex-wife who wants him to be with his son more. Furillo is in charge of a busy precinct. This isn’t the first day on the job for the characters instead we get as established characters.

    Furillo has to deal with a hothead young teen named Hector Ruiz who is holding down people in a meat market. We briefly meet the cops, Hill and Renko, a black and white cop who have a lot of friendship with each other. We also meet the gung-ho, gun obsessed loon Lt. Howard Hunter (who reminds me a lot of Actually Howard does come up with a solution to end the hostage crisis by using hypodermia to slowly eek out the suspect.

    Honestly this kid though Hector is a real punk and Capt. Furillo is very nice to him. I think this episode was a way of establishing just how benevolent Furillo is. Other stereotypical Captains would have ended the situation with guns a blazing taking out the punk with no future, but Furillo has a heart and decides to negotiate. I haven't listened to the commentary but Boucho who wrote this episode shows here that he really does know what happens in a cop's world.