Hill Street Blues

Season 1 Episode 1

Hill Street Station

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1981 on NBC



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    • Sgt. Esterhaus: Let's be careful out there.

    • Frank: I'm sending in Goldblume, see if we can open communication, diffuse the situation. It's by the book, Howard.
      Howard: (snorts) Goldblume! Goldblume couldn't diffuse a roll of kosher toilet paper.

    • Phil: But then I met Cindy. Overnight, my life turned around!
      Fay: (sniffling, drying her eyes from crying) Oh, yeah? All, that's terrific, I'm glad to hear that! Are you thinking of getting re-married?
      Phil: As soon as she graduates.
      Fay: She's a college student?
      Phil: High school. She's a graduating senior.

    • Esterhaus: You look flushed, Francis. I can keep shop; Cindy's at marching band practice until ten o'clock.

    • Dispatcher: Dispatch . . . We have a 911 . . . Armed Robbery in progress . . . See Surplus Store, corner Peoples' Drive, 124th Street . . .

    • Lucy Bates: (to the just-restrained Angel Dust-using suspect) Take it easy, baby, take it easy. Nobody's gonna hurt you, you hear me? We're gonna take you to the hospital, now. You understand what I'm saying to you? Huh? (with only a head-turn, to another restraining officer) Don't think I don't know who was coppin' a cheap feel durin' the fight, huh?

    • Furillo: Look at this! You got the address wrong on the warrant.
      Esterhaus: (overlapping) Captain, we never shoulda stopped doing these in pencil.
      Furillo: ...so when the man understandably objects to being arrested, Earps here hits him with a board!
      Earps: We had to, boss. We couldn't get his attention.

  • Notes

    • Originally, the characters of Hill and Renko were supposed to have died in this episode, but they proved so popular that the creators brought them back.

    • Hill Street Blues was the first weekly television series to receive $1,000,000 from the network to film a single episode.

    • The opening credit sequence was shot in Chicago.

    • Co-creator Steven Bochco and actors James Sikking and Joe Spano provided DVD commentary for this episode.

    • Gerry Black is credited in this episode as "Detective." He is not referred to as Detective Alfred Chesley until the second episode.

    • This episode was the series pilot, which was screened for "select" viewers in rooms specially-equipped with feed-back devices which allowed each viewer to signal (dis)approval instantly. The series was the lowest-rated show that was picked-up for the 1980-81 season, and NBC shelved it until its January 17th premiere as a midseason replacement.

    • This episode was aired in 1999 as part of a TV Land salute to Emmy award-winning shows of the past.

    • "Hill Street Station" was the original (or "working") name for the series, during its pre-pickup period. After NBC accepted the series, this name was applied to the pilot episode. Also, the series was originally going to be shot in black and white and in a style quite similar to a PBS documentary, but NBC nixed it.

    • The shockingly dramatic scene of Officers Hill (Michael Warren) and Renko (Charles Haid) gunned down in an abandoned apartment building by drug dealers, along with the chemestry they had with each other prior to the shooting made this #72 on TV Guide / TV Land's 100 Most Memorable TV Moments in December of 2004.

    • The series' end credits features the MTM cat wearing a policeman's hat.

    • The episode won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography for a Series, Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series, Outstanding Film Sound Editing and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series.

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