Hill Street Blues

Season 1 Episode 12

I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roll call begins with Phil reminding everyone what happened with Ludwig and Carmichael getting axed after disregarding the warning to stay away from Sniper Alley. He then briefs the station on a 60 year-old flasher who has been riding motorcycle nude past St. Theresa's church, scaring nuns and elderly ladies. Finally, he pays respects to the remains of Marv Box, their deceased repairman.

Marv's remains are set up by the coffee station, and Belker whispers to the urn that Marv's lucky he got out when he did, and that unpleasant changes are coming. Phil briefs Furillo on the fact that Belker has made 36 arrests in the past 24 hours, and Furillo is worried that something is either wrong with those stats or wrong with Belker. Phil also informs Furillo that they've caught Fay's obscene caller.

Furillo meets up with Davenport, who informs him that her client, Nemo, has been arraigned on First Degree Murder charges, rather than involuntary manslaughter. She and Furillo are convinced that councilman MaCauley is guilty in her murder, but the gun used was registered to Nemo three days before the shooting and contains his prints. Before they part ways, Davenport asks Furillo if he's back with Fay, since she's been staying at his place for the past few days after the break-in to her home.

Furillo attends the police chief's monthly brunch, where he's razzed for being late. Howard demonstrates the new model flame-throwing tank that the precinct has purchased to go into Sniper Alley. Furillo protests the wisdom of using such a device, but the chief insists they're just going to give it a try.

LaRue continues to try to sell his saloondromat idea, but his fellow officers aren't biting. Phil tells Henry that he plans to have kids some day, but hasn't figured out how to break the news to Grace that it's Cindy he now sees spending his life with. A stunning blond comes to mourn Marv, and LaRue instantly puts the moves on her.

Howard demolishes a car while trying to park his new tank. Furillo complains to Phil that he has over 75 requests for transfer, but Phil is unsympathetic, since Furillo might be leaving. Meanwhile, Howard comes out of the Japanese restaurant with his Japanese friends, only to find the tank gone. Fay comes into Furillo's office with her boss/boyfriend and informs Furillo that she's reluctant to press charges against the perpetrator because he's a client of theirs and needs therapy. Furillo's furious, but tries to convince her otherwise. Belker then comes in with the flashing biker and reminds Furillo that he wants a transfer. Meanwhile, LaRue is devastated to learn that the building that would have housed his saloondromat has been torn down.

Furillo meets with heavy resistance trying to investigate MCauley, and is told that his career is on the line. Renko and Hill respond to a call which turns out to be a woman in labor. They help deliver a little baby boy.

Furillo finally finds out that Emil has been covering all along for MCauley, as he owed certain higher-ups favors. McAuley was involved with the sex scandal, and is coming in on his own free will to testify. The news makes headlines that evening, and back at the station, Furillo receives a round of applause upon news that he won't be leaving.

Davenport picks him up and he jokes with her about the irony of having derailed McAuley's career without ever having met him, and McAuley doing the same to him.