Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 18

Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 13, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil brings up incidents of acts of prostitution being conducted out in the open air under bushes and shrubbery thanks to the spring climate, as well as a "wino slasher" who has killed three winos and wounded others. Phil also mentions a fund that was set up in memoriam of their fellow officer that was killed in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Howard tries to sell Ray on his nuclear fall-out shelter insurance, and Hill informs Bates that Renko's father passed away a couple hours ago.

Davenport pays a visit to Furillo to talk about their getaway plans, which set them for departure that evening. Davenport interviews an accused rape suspect who maintains his innocence, and Renko and his sister make funeral arrangements, only to discover that the vehicle containing their father's body has been carjacked.

Renko goes undercover to catch the wino slasher, greatly enjoying the life of a bum…until he discovers that the chicken he's been eating over a roasted fire is actually housecat. When Renko and Hill catch up with the stolen van, they discover that Renko's father's body is not in there. The alibi Davenport's rape suspect has refuses to cooperate, and Davenport questions whether she should go on vacation when her client's life is on the line. Meanwhile, Washington bids farewell to LaRue, who is going to seek work elsewhere thanks to his battle with alcoholism, but goes to bat for his partner anyway.

The body of Renko's father is found in an alley, partially clothed. The rape suspect's alibi finally comes forward and admits that she was with him when the rape occurred. Belker reluctantly relinquishes his job as undercover wino when the slasher is picked up.

Hill cheers up a depressed and angry Renko, and Davenport and Furillo finally make their getaway to the Caribbean. Trying to pick up a woman in a singles bar, Goldblume runs into Fay and ends up leaving with her to go get dinner.