Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 14

Moon Over Uranus

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil opens roll call with announcements about promotions, a rebuke to Renko for mooning someone the night before at 1:00 AM, and a sober recount of the rape of a senior officer's daughter. Renko is called into Furillo's office and sternly assigned traffic ticket duties for his arrest by the sheriff's office for his behavior.

A young woman tells Goldblume that her ex killed her cat and is stalking her, but is told nothing can be done because he didn't actively threaten or assault her. Furillo admires the skills of a new Public Defender, and Howard takes the chief out on the streets to show him an area overrun by rats.

Coffey and Bates arrest a paranoid survivalist who dreams of repopulating the race with supermen, and Dunleavy's daughter who has been raped identifies a subject. The young woman who claims her ex is stalking her returns to Goldblume, her ex having shown her a knife but still made no actual threat. Goldblume goes to talk with him and he has a different story.

Coffey, Bates, Tattaglia, Belker, and Hill arrest Dunleavy's rape suspect. Ray informs the chief that the rat that bit the chief and which LaRue and Howard hunted down was rabid. Dunleavy comes in to exact revenge on the man who raped his daughter and kills the wrong person. Renko gets sucker-punched outside a bar by another cop whom he gave a ticket. Davenport informs Furillo that she has an opportunity to interview for a job in Washington.

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