Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 15

Moon Over Uranus: the Sequel

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil discloses roll call with a recap of the rabid rat that bit Chief Daniels being smoked by LaRue, and the chief sub sequentially needing hydrophobia treatment. Renko does not let on what happened with the beating he received from another officer. Howard leads a three-ring circus to clean up Decker Avenue, mandated by the chief for political purposes.

Furillo is tense over Davenport's interview with the Justice Department, realizing that their relationship might be coming to an end. The precinct gets a new vending machine, and the girl who has been claiming domestic abuse comes a third time to see Goldblume, this time with bruises and lacerations on her face.

While on routine duties as a meter-maid, Renko helps rescue a little boy out of a burning building. Furillo nominates Renko for a merit badge and returns him to motor duty starting the next morning. Meanwhile, Hill calls out the other officer who beat up Renko outside Mulligans.

Furillo accepts a dinner date with another woman, and he and Fay go talk to the parents of a boy who's been bullying Frank, Jr. Goldblume tries to get bail set for the man threatening the young woman, but neither the Public Defender nor the judge complies.

When Furillo calls a halt to Daniels' street sweep, a furious chief confronts him. The new vending machine causes all kinds of problems. The young woman who was being stalked gets murdered by her ex-boyfriend as she tries to leave her apartment with a suitcase; Goldblume rethinks his vocation.

Phil offers to teach Frank, Jr. boxing. Furillo calls the hotel where Davenport is staying but she never checked in.

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