Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 12

Of Mouse and Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens up with Furillo coming over to investigate the body of Public Defender Pam Gillian. With no close family in the area, Furillo must ask Davenport, a close friend of Pam's, to identify her body.

At roll call the next day, Phil announces Gillian's death to a shocked precinct. Phil then congratulates Hill on his election to vice-president of the Black Officers Coalition, which comes as an unwelcome surprise to Hill.

A man complains of his slumlord landlord doing unethical practices to get tenants evicted, just before another guy goes nuts in the station and has to be restrained by a half dozen officers.

Davenport comes in looking like something that was left out overnight, distraught about her friend's death and feeling some personal guilt with the very real possibility that whoever killed her might have been someone that Davenport herself helped defend and put back on the streets.

Hill confronts the man who nominated for VP of the Black Officers Coalition, telling him he doesn't want the position. LaRue and Washington go undercover to bust a cocaine dealer, and Howard leads a crusade on a local playground to go after some of the Bloods, who might have been responsible for what happened to Pam Gillian. Meanwhile, Renko feels a strain on his relationship with Hill when Hill's nomination draws him away and into his own clique of black officers.

Sleazy Wachtel defends LaRue's cocaine dealing catch, and offers to make a trade up on him for a bigger criminal. Fay confronts Furillo about having a representative member of WAD – Women Against Discrimination. Henry goes to check out allegations against a slumlord by one of his tenants, but finds no cooperation from either the landlord nor his occupants.

Wachtel suggests letting his client go in exchange for the capture of the largest PCP lab owner in the state. The Blood who was caught with the weapon that killed Pam Gillian squeals on the actual killer. Renko gets into it with Hill, who leaves in a fury. LaRue offers to buy Renko a drink, and Renko is surprised when LaRue orders one for himself as well.

That night, Davenport confesses to Furillo that she's thinking about resigning her position as Public Defender.