Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 5

Officer of the Year

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil details Belker, LaRue, and Washington going undercover in a district full of massage parlors and adult bookstores, and makes mention of a fitness instructor who will be visiting the precinct and giving instruction on diet and exercise. Phil finally mentions that Ray Calletano has been named "Hispanic Officer of the Year" and asks everyone to congratulate him. Meanwhile, Lucy's nervous to take the stand and Ray's nervous about his speech to the coalition.

Renko and Hill go after a would-be rapist, and Renko gets acquainted with the victim. Fay comes in spouting her usual hysterics, this time because Frank, jr. is missing. At a banquet in his honor, Ray goes off on everyone who made the arrangements for it, including Howard for giving a speech in which he dubbed Ray a fine "Puerto Rican-American" when Ray is actually Columbian.

Renko's assault victim decides not to testify against her assailant after her attorney advises her not to do so, and Davenport makes a fool out of Bates on the witness stand. In the massage parlor Belker is working, a man has a heart attack right there. Meanwhile, Frank, jr. is still missing. Outside the massage parlor, LaRue and Washington witness an armed robber fleeing the liquor store next to the parlor, and Washington mistakenly shoots the owner of the liquor store when the man comes out with a shotgun. He must watch as the man's wife hysterically cries upon pronunciation of his death.

Renko's assault victim changes her mind about testifying and decides to cooperate, and she and Renko end up having dinner. Bates charges Davenport with dragging her down for the sole purpose of winning, which Furillo reprimands. A scared Furillo confides to Davenport that he's worried as to the whereabouts of his son. Moments later, Frank, jr. turns up, and Davenport watches the reunion with a mixture of emotions as Fay and Furillo share in a joy that only the two of them can experience.