Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 5

Officer of the Year

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1982 on NBC



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    • Bates: (to Davenport) All you care about is winning, and you don't care who you drag through the mud to help you do it!

    • Goldblume: Don't worry, Fay. Running away from home is as American as apple pie.

    • Fay: Is he here? Please tell me he's here!
      Furillo: Who?
      Fay: Frank, junior. He's missing!
      Furillo: What do you mean "missing"?
      Fay: We had a fight at breakfast. See, he wanted to go camping next weekend with the Benjamins and I told him he couldn't, and he stormed out of the house in a kind of Mediterranean rage he could have only inherited from- (stops short)

    • Arrestee: Not bad, honkey. Want me to frisk her for you?
      Renko: What I would like you to do is to shut your face before I relocate it for you in the vicinity of your butt.
      Teresa: Nice place you got here.

    • LaRue: I'm tellin' ya man, it's a miscarriage of justice putting that little bozo in a massage parlor. Belker wouldn't know a good massage if it came up and bit him. Matter of fact, that is Belker's idea of a good massage.

    • Talkative Arrestee: You see, that license don't mutilate for two more years.

    • Hunter: (to Ray) You know Raymon Calletano al fresco may resig-na-cion... Judas H man, if you're gonna throw in the towel, sit on a sword, not a goldarn tamale!

    • Ray: Why is it... that I look around the room -full of ranking officers- and the only Hispanics I see are waiters and busboys?

  • Notes

    • Despite being mentioned in nearly every episode until season six, this is the first appearance by Frank Furillo, Jr. He appears briefly again in episode #94 "Davenport in a Storm".  Both times he is portrayed by Jesse Bochco, son of series creator Steven Bochco and series star Barbara Bosson (who is also his on-screen mother).

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