Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 16

Personal Foul

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

At roll call Phil highlights the basketball game that will be played that evening between the Hill and a group of local youth. He warns them, however, that tempers are at an all-time high. Howard warns Furillo that it's trouble brewing, especially with the climate that's been brewing between the gang members and the police.

Hill and Renko answer a domestic abuse, only to find that the perpetrator is a former housing authority cop, embittered by eight months of unemployment. Belker and Washington stake out a porn theatre, where Belker gets hit on by another man. At the station, Goldblume has returned from his injury leave, and announces that he and Rachel are getting a divorce. Furillo addresses the gang members about that night's game and warns them to be on their best behavior.

Renko's dying father wants desperately out of the hospital, and Renko and his sister disagree about what to do in the remaining weeks. Meanwhile, they get a call about a hostage situation involving the man, woman, and little boy whom they encountered earlier that morning in the domestic dispute.

Goldblume tries to negotiate the hostage situation but with little success. He calls Furillo when the guy hangs up on him. Meanwhile, Belker meets a pretty young woman working as a clerk at the porno theatre and there's instant attraction for both of them. The hostage stand-off turns deadly, but Hill rescues the little boy and befriends him.

That night, because of his commitment, Hill arrives late to the basketball game. His teammates are getting crushed, in part due to a temporarily released con who towers in height above everyone else. Hill brings the team back, and when he shoots when down by a point with only a second left on the clock, the ball spins round and round the rim before a gang banger shoots it right off the rim with his sneaked gun.

That night at the hospital, Renko promises his father that he'll talk to the doctors and see if he can get him released from the hospital, even though it will mean the end of any potential treatments.