Hill Street Blues - Season 6

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Come and Get It
    Come and Get It
    Episode 22

    Hill Street Station becomes the center of a media circus when Hill and Renko arrest an infamous mass murderer who's drifted into town and has been tracked down by a mob of alert citizens; a giddy Daniels unwisely promises one of the citizen heroes a job as a police officer during his press conference; Belker can't stop being a cop even as he coaches Robin through labor.

  • Slum Enchanted Evening

    Wachtel sentences a slumlord to time in one of his dilapidated units; Furillo is warned that his handling of the Buntz shooting investigation may jeopardize his mayoral aspirations; and, Belker discovers Eddie Gregg is dying from AIDS.

  • Look Homeward, Ninja
    A prostitute anxious to shield her pimp lodges a complaint of sexual harassment against officer Kate McBride; Goldblume takes his frustrations out on a rookie who lost a jumper; Ballantine freaks out again; and Buntz confronts Donahue about the murder of Dellaberti.
  • Jagga the Hunk
    Jagga the Hunk
    Episode 19
    Jesus, scared of being pinned with Attorney Brown's murder, agrees to go undercover against a crooked judge; Hunter loses Prunella to a large Samoan; Belker poses as a loan shark in a roach coach; and Buntz' former partner asks another favor.
  • Iced Coffey
    Iced Coffey
    Episode 18
    Bates agonizes over identifying Coffey's killer; Hunter uncovers an unexpected thief in the station; a prostitute sells out Jesus and Attorney Brown in a bribery scandal; and Belker's harassed by an overzealous security guard.
  • Larry of Arabia
    Larry of Arabia
    Episode 17
    Coffey persuades Bates to file guardianship papers for Fabian; Furillo considers returning to work as Daniels asks him for help getting the consultancy job he wants; Buntz appears on a TV small claims court; an impatient old woman messes up Belker's undercover at a pawn shop; and Hill, Renko, LaRue, Washington and Goldblume stumble on a courier for an international arms purchaser and deal themselves into his action.moreless
  • Remembrance of Hits Past
    Joyce reflects on her past relationship with Furillo as she waits for him to come out of surgery after he's shot on the courthouse steps just prior to testifying against a recaptured gangster. Meanwhile, Belker is sent undercover at a meat packing plant while Buntz searches for the gunman.
  • I Want My Hill Street Blues
    Belker goes undercover to expose a corrupt parole officer; Goldblume clashes with Furillo over the demolition of some low-rent housing in his new neighborhood; Bates makes a deal with Vivian DeWitt; Jablonski tries to cope with a crew making a music video in the station house.
  • Scales of Justice
    Scales of Justice
    Episode 14
    LaRue and Washington continue to stake out the tattoo parlor for a killer; Bates has a tough decision to make about Fabian; Jablonski tries to enforce a city ban on smoking in the station house; Hill meets someone special at his father's funeral; Chief Daniels surprises Furillo by offering to endorse him as his successor; Buntz cuts some corners to get a dealer selling killer synthetic heroin off the streets.moreless
  • Das Blues
    Das Blues
    Episode 13
    Hunter hallucinates he's aboard a Russian submarine; Belker finally gets married; Renko busts his favorite country singer again; Furillo meets with a political power broker about the Chief's job; Hill takes his daddy home to St. Louis for his burial; Buntz' old partner comes asking for help with a loan shark; and LaRue and Washington use a lady tattoo artist to help them find a killer.moreless
  • Say It as It Plays
    Say It as It Plays
    Episode 12
    IAD Shipman continues investigating the Garfield shooting; Hill gets a nasty surprise when he and Renko draw duty delivering corpses to the morgue; Belker is kidnapped on the eve of his second scheduled wedding.
  • Two Easy Pieces
    Two Easy Pieces
    Episode 11
    Hill, Renko and Buntz look like heroes when they retrieve a stolen heart needed for a transplant; rookie officer Ron Garfield finds himself in trouble again when a second gun shows up at an officer involved shooting; and Belker misses his wedding ceremony when his undercover as a cocaine cooker heats up.moreless
  • The Virgin and the Turkey
    Coffey tries to mediate between an irate landlord and a tenant who insists an image on his water stained wall is that of the Virgin Mary; the Furillos tries to renew a family relationship with his parents; Buntz uses "Officer Giblet" to make a drug bust; and the guys compete in a benefit tug of war competition.moreless
  • What Are Friends For?

    Belker goes to the dogs working undercover at the pound; Furillo chases down the reason he's been denied mortgage insurance; LaRue and Washington bust a former baseball star for drunken driving; and Buntz is held hostage by a vicious parolee.

  • Fathers and Huns
    Fathers and Huns
    Episode 8
    Belker's undercover at a bookie joint gets him involved in a protest against Nazis parading through the precinct; Furillo angers the chief and many others with his hard line pursuit of a senile drug king on trial for a relatively minor sale; Hill's father drifts into town claiming to be dying; and Jablonski tries to mediate between a priest and a scrap metal dealer.moreless
  • An Oy for an Oy
    An Oy for an Oy
    Episode 7
    Sgt. Jablonski risks his own money to catch a pair of confidence men; Sgt. Belker acts as a courier for a pair of devious Hasidic jewelry merchants; and Captain Calletano reacts badly when Buntz accuses a lazy Polk Avenue officer of dumping vagrants in Hill Street precinct.
  • Oh, You Kid
    Oh, You Kid
    Episode 6
    Buntz catches a mugger only to lose him when the victim won't press charges; a sculptor refuses to let anyone remove his obscene work of art; Lynnetta pushes Neal about commitment to her and her son with tragic results; Belker goes undercover to learn why so many vagrants have fallen from high buildings recently.moreless
  • Somewhere Over the Rambo
    Furillo's corruption commission delivers its findings and antagonizes Daniels, who is willing to sacrifice a night shift cop involved in an off duty shooting that has incited public opinion; Alan Branford returns as Rambo; and Buntz explores his duties as personnel officer.
  • In the Belly of the Bus
    Belker takes an unexpected bus ride to Springfield; Sid turns Louis Russ over to Buntz, which begins the unravelling of Keenan and Garibaldi's deaths; Jablonski tries to deal with an incompetent khaki officer; and Hunter makes a canine investment.
  • Seoul on Ice
    Seoul on Ice
    Episode 3

    A runner trying to raise money for cancer research is victimized; Furillo begins to select personnel to conduct the internal investigation of corruption arising out of Keenan's death; Garibaldi's stabbing shakes the station house; Lee Cleveland comes to the end of his rope; and Buntz gives Hunter unsettling information about his latest love.

  • Hacked to Pieces
    Hacked to Pieces
    Episode 2
    Belker goes undercover as a cabbie in a very volatile cab territory war; Hill and Renko try to cool down the resentment between a Korean grocer and his black neighbors; Mayor Cleveland's son is busted for drug possession; and Garibaldi is offered a deal to clear his mounting gambling debts.
  • Blues in the Night
    Blues in the Night
    Episode 1
    Bates gets to know an art teacher; Coffey, Renko, LaRue and Washington bet on who can drive to work the fastest; Renko has to bust his favorite singer for cocaine possession; Goldblume is taken hostage by a militant on the edge of sanity bombarding his neighbors with a high decibel barrage of words.moreless