Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 15

Some Like it Hot-Wired

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil warns the crew in roll call about wearing hats with inappropriate logos while on duty, announces some promotions, and launches a crusade against car thieves in the Hill's garages, one of which struck his own wheels.

Henry's all upset that he wasn't promoted to lieutenant and Furillo tries to calm him. Ray then dumps on Furillo and threatens to quit over the fact that he's not making enough even to pay his car. Phil adds to the mix by telling Furillo's he's considering early retirement himself after his stolen car incident.

Meanwhile, in court Davenport fails to defend her client, whom she describes to his face as "scum" and flounces out of court. Ray organizes a sting against a notorious john. Over lunch, Furillo tries to dissuade Davenport from quitting her job, too, but she leaves in a huff.

Belker and Washington go after the kids hot-wiring cars. Renko is struggling with family issues and picks up a prostitute as part of the sting, only to pour out his heart to her and try to warn her of her own dire situation. Meanwhile, Washington and Belker track the thieves to a garage where all the stolen vehicles are being kept. When the tow truck arrives, it's LaRue driving it, recently released from AA. Washington greets him warmly, but Belker tells him that no one would blame him if he were to dump LaRue as a partner.

Washington pleads LaRue's case, but Furillo tells him that LaRue's career is in the hands of the board members. Chief Daniels stops by and urges Furillo to do something about the unruly females in his life. Hill fails to get anywhere with his lead on the prostitution ring, thanks to a racist cur in the elevator who gets physically violent. Meanwhile, Washington and the guys bust the ringleader of the car thieves.

Goldblume tries his luck in the sting, playing his role to the hilt. Unfortunately, he turns his back to the prostitute during the bust and she whips out a gun and plugs him in the back. The wound is not fatal. When Renko and Hill come to visit him later, Hill makes a stop at his father's room, too. He gets hit with the bad news that his father is dying of cancer, but his dad won't even let him sit in the room with him. In the meantime, Davenport decides to take a two week leave of absence to assess her career and situation.

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