Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 6

Stan the Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil opens roll call with assignments of Renko and Hill and Coffee and Bates to monitor a demolition site. He congratulates the newest winner in the annual "Eat-Till-You-Barf" contest, and then gives an invitation to the male officers to a party that evening. Immediately following roll call, a crazed arrestee goes after Davenport, beating her up a bit.

Belker books a junkie and finds out that his father was hit by a car, sustaining only a minor injury, but that senility is taking over. LaRue and Washington glean info from Sid the Snitch at a local restaurant, but are interrupted by the arrival of another detective from a different precinct who picks a fight with LaRue. Davenport walks away from the morning's altercation with a broken cheekbone, and Hill tries to reason with an old woman who refuses to leave her condemned building. Meanwhile, Nurse Wolfowitz won't let Howard be discharged without giving her a date.

Belker is told at the bank that he doesn't qualify for a loan because he has no credit built. While he's talking, the facility is robbed, and after Belker saves the bank officer's life, he is offered a co-sign by the man. Goldblume tries to talk down an elderly Jewish man who wants to jump from the top of the building. In a PR move, Councilman Detweiler comes in at the last minute with an offer of a 14-unit housing place in the heights.

At the party for the male officers that evening, the cop who made trouble for LaRue in the restaurant earlier that day shows up, grabs a mike, and begins taunting LaRue in front of everyone. The fight leads to him taking a crow bar and smashing LaRue's car out in the parking lot. LaRue threatens him and he threatens to kill LaRue. Furillo goes to visit Davenport in the hospital – turns out her cheekbone isn't broken after all. While he's sleeping that night, he gets a late night call – the undercover detective who had the altercation with LaRue was found dead. Shot to death, his boss wants LaRue questioned.