Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 4

The Second Oldest Profession

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil praises the orangutan for being a key witness in municipal court for the purse snatchings, and announces that a home has been found for him in a wildlife refuge. Phil mentions the prostitution sweep they'll be conducting that day, and wraps up roll call with a tribute to the undercover detective they lost the night before to the brutal gang leader Hudson.

The chief warns Furillo that there's not enough evidence to hold Hudson, much less convict him, and Furillo encounters Davenport on the racquetball court. During a prostitution sting, Bates allows a prostitute to shoot up one last time before arresting her, with near fatal results. When Coffey finds the two of them, Bates lies about what happened. Back at the station, she gets flack from Renko and Hill, and Phil decides for the first time in three years to take a lunch break.

Belker and Henry are keeping an eye out on Hudson's place, and Henry's juggling marital issues caused by his cheating. McAllister takes Phil out to lunch and confesses that he has feelings for him. Washington and LaRue find Hudson's lawyer and girlfriend badly beaten up when she attempts to drive her car. Bates confides to Furillo that she deliberately let the prostitute shoot up. Grace comes in to meet Howard but ends up all over Phil while Howard watches.

Furillo goes to the hospital to try to convince Hudson's girlfriend to testify against him. Later, as he's standing with the chief on the steps of the courthouse, Hudson approaches with his entourage, already schmoozing the press. As Furillo watches, his girlfriend and former attorney pulls up in a cab, and to Furillo's stunned disbelief, pulls out a gun and shoots Hudson multiple times in the back.

Henry's wife confronts him at the station, and stuns him by admitting that she had an affair once, too. Davenport shows up and kisses Furillo full on the lips as a show that she wants to become open about their relationship, as the rest of the station watches.