Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 10

The Spy Who Came in From Delgado

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil opens up with a brief on "Operation: Fido" in which small pets and even a wino have been killed by wild dogs. Phil asks the precinct to stop the practical jokes, such as placing an ad for a "Mistress Lucy" dominatrix, and Phil also asks the officers to welcome two new clerks that will be joining the Hill.

Hill and Renko are sent to work undercover in a scam saloon. Furillo discusses the hostile nature of the grand jury, and Howard debriefs the gang on using hunting dogs for "Operation: Fido." Meanwhile, the new female clerk loses no time in trying to seduce Phil.

Belker, Renko and Hill get ready for their next sting, with Renko still lamenting his stolen gun. An extortionist comes in and quickly forces them out of a hundred dollars…which never got recorded because the young punk assisting them didn't get it on tape. Meanwhile, Bates is jealous of Coffey's "full dance card."

Captain Freedom shows up at Belker's sting operation. Ray is suspicious of the new clerk when she can't understand some basic police terminology. Fay shows up – again. Howard goes alone into a condemned building where he suspects the dogs are loose, and ends up getting pinned under a bookshelf. Fay introduces Furillo to a high-powered attorney who wants to take the stance that Furillo is automatically guilty by default of being a cop. Howard hollers for help but no one hears him.

It is discovered that one of the new clerks is actually a spy sent out by the Sullivan Commission. At the scam restaurant, a con disguised as a cop harasses Hill. Furillo pays Chief Daniels a visit in the hospital after colon surgery, and Howard is in overnight as well after being rescued. The episode closes out – again – with Furillo and Davenport talking shop in bed before turning out the lights.

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