Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 8

The World According to Freedom

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 1982 on NBC



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    • Howard: The Concrete Galapagos: Reverse Evolution and the Inner City by Heinrich Pentegrass. Have you read it, Frank?
      Furillo: No, Howard, I missed that one.

    • Frank: I owe you.
      Jesus: You're damn right you owe me, Furillo.
      Frank: They scared you, too. Didn't they?
      Jesus: Later, Furillo. Later.

    • Belker: Name?
      Captain Freedom: (stands up) Dum dada rum. Captain Freedom. Ten tons of nitro in one fist and a neutron bomb in the other. When I walk buildings shake and bad guys wet their pants. (sits down) Wanna hear my manifesto?

      Belker: (annoyed)Name?
      Captain Freedom: Dum dada rum. Captain Freedom. I vow to give crime two black eyes and fight injustice and corruption wherever they may lurk. And brotherhood, I want to establish universal brotherhood.

    • Belker: "They're laughing at you. They are. They're making fun of you. Don't you understand that?"
      Captain Freedom: "What am I supposed to do? Hide in my room. Lock my doors and windows. Let the fear in the streets rule me like it does millions of others. If every man and woman got up off their knees and took a stand. Do you think that criminals would walk the streets with impunity? No. This is my city, my country. And I'm gonna fight for it. Life. Life is a gift and you gotta reach out and grab hold of it or you are just part of the problem. You gotta, you gotta hug your kids every day and you gotta put gum wrappers in your pockets and take shorter trips in the car. Because that's what's right. Me? I'm not backing down. I'm not givin' in. They can beat me. They can rob me. I'll keep coming back. They can stomp on me until I'm just a little greasespot on the floor and someone else will jump in my place. Life triumphs. Love triumphs. I'm a man and I'm gonna hold my head up and walk like one."
      Belker: "Yea."

  • Notes

    • Barbara Bosson and Dennis Dugan previously worked together on Richie Brockelman, Private Eye.

    • This marks the first of four appearances of Captain Freedom, one of the best-remembered recurring characters on the show.

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