Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 13

Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roll call opens with Phil telling the station about a pamphlet that was issued on "gentle perps," or in other words, "genital herpes." Mick shows the martial arts duo being trained by Howard how to really attack a punching bag.

LaRue shows up late and hung over. Washington warns him not to goof up today, lest he be facing a shooting gallery all alone in their latest bust. Davenport is outraged that the weapon confiscated in the homicide of her friend, Pam Gillian, might be thrown out due to a technicality. Grace shows up and asks Phil to handle a dog disturbance problem in her building.

LaRue organizes the stake-out against a PCP dealer, but Washington is wary of him. Phil meets the dog owner whom Grace complained about, and in talking with him, discovers that he's a former lover. In fact, Grace bought him leather sheets for his last birthday. Renko asks his sister to join him in visiting their father, but she accuses him of being afraid to confront him alone. Renko teams up with a new partner and gets wounded when the guy doesn't do his job. Meanwhile, Furillo finds out that Gillians murderer will most likely walk unless they can build some kind of case around him outside of finding the murder weapon and Bragg's testimony. Davenport holds Furillo personally responsible.

Grace and Phil have a fight when he confronts her about sleeping with the "ferret-faced dog owner" and asks who else in the building she's been with. Coffey and Bates bring in a gang of delinquents. Goldblume goes back in hopes of filing charges against the slumlord, only to find that his primary witness has been beaten up, is moving out, and is afraid to press charges. Goldblume calls Belker for assistance and nails the slumlord.

Fay shows up and tries to schmooze Hill, saying that they have similar political interests. Renko holds Hill responsible for getting slashed with a razor, then pays a visit to the hospital to see his dad. Their parlay does not go well. Meanwhile, LaRue makes a quick stop at the liquor store before heading over to his stakeout. Washington is furious to find out that he's sloshed, unable to carry out his duty as trigger on the job. Washington goes in instead, and nearly getting himself killed in the process. Nobody squeals on LaRue, but Furillo suspects something is awry when he congratulates LaRue on a job well done.

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