Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life

Sunday 10:00 PM on 3net Premiered Dec 25, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Great show

    Very entertaining to watch!
  • Beavis and Butthead do Hillbilly

    OK, maybe not that bad, but close! The show does have some merit, because there are some survival skills demonstrated, you just have to sift thru the stupidity and BS. Perhaps someone born and bred in the city would not notice a shot, errr, snared deer with it's imaginary wounds. Perhaps they would believe $650 for a used chainsaw, I dunno! By the way, you guys, I'll give $50 off on each used chainsaw you can carry, and, uhh, bring a semi!!! But I think most people could figure out if, you have already crossed a creek thru knee high water, what is the sense of rigging a rope and then swinging around a cliff and "accidentally" falling into the frigid water only to stand up in knee high water and walk out? Oh, and your friendly neighborhood pharmaceutical supplier has already figured out that if it is illegal you DON'T advertise!!! "Cookin' moonshine" is illegal in most states and doing it on a nationally televised program IS advertising. And would selling it to a dude at his backwoods hardware store classify as trafficking??? Dunno! What about the guy who bought, err, traded for it? can anyone say NC State Police??? By the way, they won't hunt out of season with rifle, but they will cook moonshine illegally??? And, I don't know about NC, but a crossbow is not legal for bow hunting deer in some states! But, hey, it's as much infotainment as CNN.
  • smoke & mirrors

    The boys seem to not know how to push start a standard. It was also obvious that in the episode where they snared a deer that the deer had been shot, hence the massive blood spot. Not even a very good shot, right through the backstrap. Overall, entertaining, and fun. But far from realistic.
  • Informative

    I was borned and raised in the woods and mountains. Although some things in the show seemed staged. It could show someone just how to survive that type of situation. I like the show very much! I have done a lot of the same things they are doing on the show. Not because I needed to but just to see if I could do it. Keep the shows coming.
  • stupid

    show is so fake its actually entertaining,completely stupid and insulting
  • Hillbilly-Blood A Hardscrabble Life

    wow, entertaining & love the style!!!
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