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  • Season 4
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      Let's face it. There's regular livin', and then there's deluxe livin'. If you're one of those highfalutin types that appreciates the finer things in life (like a velvet coaster under your can of Billy Beer) then Hillbilly Deluxe is the only guide to fine livin' you'll ever need. We've scoured the country in search of the fancy pants essentials of life. If it has the glitz, the glamour and the gumption to call itself deluxe, then we're gonna show it to you. Your traveling companion on this luxurious adventure into all things deluxe is veteran movie actor C. Thomas Howell, who crisscrosses America immersing himself in each Deluxe experience and taking us along for the ride. You only go 'round this big hog roast once, so hop into the rich Corinthian leather monster truck seat and take a pimped-out ride as we discover the wonderful world of all things Hillbilly Deluxe.moreless