Hillbilly Handfishin'

Animal Planet Premiered Sep 24, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 9/24/10
      Famed hand-fishermen Skipper Bivins leads a group of city-slicker clients through the paces of Noodling - using your bare hands and feet to catch giant catfish!
    • 8/6/11
      Two best friends from Boston hope that noodling will be the perfect adventure to get them out of their comfort zone, a brother and sister from California face their fears together, and two Chicago police officers give Hillbilly Handfishn their best shot.
    • 8/13/11
      Two New Yorkers hope to throw an Italian-style catfish fry, a father and daughter hope to have one last bonding experience before heading off to college, and an older couple is looking to add noodling to their list of wild adventures.
    • 8/20/11
      Two friends from Atlanta are determned to have a party on the river after they catch their first fish, brothers-in-law from Phoenix embark on a noodling advernture, and Oklahoma newly weds hope this out-of-the ordinary adventure will bring them closer.
    • 8/28/11
      Longtime friends from Charleston want to show the bivins crew that they can noodle as well as anyone else. Midwestern moms from Kansas promise to catch the biggest catfish, brave firefighters from Virgina hope to be bold in the muddy waters of Oklahoma.
    • 9/5/11
      Two sophisticated socialites are ready to toast their catches with a martini in hand, A pair of college basketball players are ready to bring their game to Oklahoma to catch some catfish, Newlyweds are ready for their next big adventure!
    • 9/11/11
      A mother and daughter from Boston give handfishin' a try, co-workers from Maryland are ready to test out the murky Oklahoman waters, A pair of self proclaimed metrosexuals want to go noodling to get way outside their comfort zone.
    • 9/18/11
      Baltimore housewives yearn for some time away from their daily routines, Two fish mongers from Chicago are eager to take on some catfish, two self proclaimed nerds are ready to leave behind their gadgets to get the full country experience!
    • Bragging Rights
      Episode 9
      Chicago best friends look for more adventure in their lives, lifelong friends from Louisianna claim to not be afraid of catfish, three brothers from Annapolis compete for the biggest fish.
    • Bad to the Bone
      Episode 10
      Two sisters from Beverly Hills are definitely fish out of water, two brainiacs from Berkeley trade in their books for some outdoor Okie adventure, a couple of tattoo mavens from Kentucky bring on the heat with their love and dedication.
    • 2/8/11
      Two models from Massachusetts come face to face with a surprise far out of their comfort zones.While best college buddies experience the thrill of a lifetime. And a couple from Baltimore, Maryland, takes on this fishing adventure to mend a broken marriage
    • Get Back Loretta
      Episode 12
      It's another week at Big Fish Adventures as Skipper and Jackson greet a new round of city slickers'. This week's guests are as unique as they come, promising for an interesting round of noodling, Oklahoma style!
    • I Want the Big One
      Episode 13
      It's a brand new season of noodling at Big Fish Adventures as Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson greet their first round of guests. These city slickers' prove that strong will and determination is a winning combination when it comes to wranglin' catfish.
    • 2/26/12
      Skipper and Jackson anxiously await the arrival of another round of city slickers' to Big Fish Adventures. Oklahoma is in for a surprise with this week's guests, which include a couple of rock band pals, two Vegas showgirls, and a pair of Southern cops
    • Barin' It All
      Episode 15
      Skipper and Jackson look back at a season full of city slickers, newbie noodlers, and outrageous characters, including a countdown of the five biggest catches.
  • Season 2