Hip Hop Harry

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2008)


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Hip Hop Harry

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Positive messages abound in this lively show aimed at educating and entertaining kids ages three to six. Using one of today's most popular music genres as the vehicle, Hip Hop Harry hopes to instill prosocial values in boys and girls from all ethnic groups and social classes.
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  • This show is a dancing freaking bear that looks like a gangster and probobly couldnt even make it as a pizza delivery guy

    This show blows im suprised they dont have the little boys pimp smacking the little girls and there next song should be its the first of the month(here comes the welfare check) this is gay to the extreame i swear to god hip hop harry is a drunkin dumb ass i wish i could meet that guy just so i could let him know that he fails at life and that its sad. he probobly needs rehab and the kids when they grow up will need intense councilling from having to admit they were on that show. Hip hop scary is a fat **** GO BARNEY!moreless
  • well, its not bad.....

    Its really hard to write reviews for "kids" programing since they are typically only aimed ant people under 5 so naturally older people just don't like it. Hip hop harry is basically a rapping version of barney. in fact if you took away the rapping and make the bear into a dinosaur then there would be surprisingly little difference between the two shows. As far as child programing goes this one is one of the better ones, actually teaching kids some useful stuff such as listening to others and taking turns. And im sure even the most uncoordinated of kids will have fun trying to dance along with the ending song. Over all a very decent show for the developing watcher, just don't expect many people over 11 to like itmoreless
  • WTF is this s***?

    The most awesome show on earth is in Town! More likely the worst rapper on earth is in town. Thats how bad this show is. I heard of Educational rap music, but hey, that was actually good! This guy rips off tupac! Because the acting is completely terrible. The kids look like they didn't get any sleep and drank 40 cans of soda! Almost like there d****. And the "Hip Hop Central" is the worst place in the world! And also, the songs all stink! Even Barney was better than this! Hey at least that show didn't rip off Hip-Hop! This show gives Hip-Hop/Rap a big scar and for that deserves a 1.0/10!moreless
  • It's better than Barney, I can tell ya that!

    What I said in my summary is true because Hip-Hop Harry is like a much better, hip-hop version of Barney, especially when Barney is so played out. I'm gonna compare this with Barney, to show its good points. First of all, one good thing about Hip-Hop Harry is that at least he teaches kids things that they can live with for the rest of their lives. Barney just teaches kids the wrongest things, and a whole lot more. Another thing is that HHH actually teaches kids about stuff, like food, math, animals, etc. Barney just sings stupid songs and stuff. And...well, I guess that's it! I don't really feel like writing anymore, so I'm just gonna say that HHH is a better choice for kids. Especially since I'm a hip-hop fan. Plus, HHH has better dancing and singing and stuff like that.moreless
  • Although I am not sure what Harry actually is, He talks/raps about responsibility,childhood worries,family issues. It gets kids up off the couch moving! He talks about a library-what a novel idea to tell kids you can find info in a book!moreless

    My 18 month old LOVES Hip Hop Harry! She is completely entertained even though she doesn't yet understand the concepts. She sings along with his raps and dances when they dance, which is practically the whole show! I also love that Harry tackles some simple problems that kids may thinking, but don't really want to talk about. And encourages kids to move! Friendships, family, fun, learning, exercise, cooperation...these are all things that you see on every single exercise. We just happened to catch the show at our 3 year old cousin's house, who loves it too! Since she is now in pre-school, they have gotten videos for her. Otherwise we may have missed this gem!

    Thanks Harry for encouraging young children to "Love To Learn!"moreless
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