Hip Hop Harry

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2008)


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  • It's better than Barney, I can tell ya that!

    What I said in my summary is true because Hip-Hop Harry is like a much better, hip-hop version of Barney, especially when Barney is so played out. I'm gonna compare this with Barney, to show its good points. First of all, one good thing about Hip-Hop Harry is that at least he teaches kids things that they can live with for the rest of their lives. Barney just teaches kids the wrongest things, and a whole lot more. Another thing is that HHH actually teaches kids about stuff, like food, math, animals, etc. Barney just sings stupid songs and stuff. And...well, I guess that's it! I don't really feel like writing anymore, so I'm just gonna say that HHH is a better choice for kids. Especially since I'm a hip-hop fan. Plus, HHH has better dancing and singing and stuff like that.