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  • Season 1
    • Host: Eddie Albert / Nancy Sinatra
      US airdate: Sept. 6, 1966 (final CBS show) UK airdate: Nov. 24, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests include: --Eddie Albert (host) - "It Was a Very Good Year" & "I Wanna Go Back to Michigan" --Nancy Sinatra - "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" & "Bang Bang" --Paul & Barry Ryan - "Have Pity on the Boy"moreless
    • Host: Bill Dana / Dusty Springfield / Everly Brothers
      US airdate: August 30, 1966 (CBS)
      UK airdate: October 6, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion)
      Guests include:
      --Bill Dana (host) comedian, in character as "Jose Jimenez"
      --Dusty Springfield - "The Mood I'm In"
      --The Everly Brothers - "The Price of Love" and "Bye Bye, Love"
      --Tony Hawkes & The Central Band Of The R.A.Fmoreless
    • Host: Tony Randall / George Raft
      US airdate: August 23, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: unknown Guests include: --Tony Randall (host) --Paul and Barry Ryan - "'Twas on a Night like This" --George Raft - dances the tango to Revel's "Bolero" --Libby Norris (singer-comedian) - "I Feel Pretty," "My Own Personal Bird" and "On the Other Side of the Tracks" --The Dagenham Girl Pipersmoreless
    • Host: Jimmy Dean
      Host: Jimmy Dean
      Episode 7
      US airdate: August 16, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: November 10, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests include: --Jimmy Dean (host) - medley: "Any Time," "King of the Road," "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Lonesome Me" & "Be Nobody's Darlin'" --Anita Gilletle (singer) - "Spanish Flea" & "Someone to Watch over Me" --The Joy Strings (a rock 'n' roll Salvation Army quartet) - "The Lord on My Side" --The 73rd Company Of The London Boys Brigade Bandmoreless
    • Host: Trini Lopez / The Dave Clark Five
      US airdate: August 9, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: November 17, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests include: --Trini Lopez (host) --The Dave Clark Five - "Look Before You Leap" --Enzo Stuarti
    • Host: Merv Griffin / Liza Minnelli
      US airdate: August 2, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: September 29, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests: --The Animals - "Squeeze Her - Tease Her" --Liza Minnelli - "Blue Moon," "You've Let Yourself Go," "Liza" and "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" --Merv Griffin (host) and Arthur Treacher - "We Ain't Going Nowhere" and "Shangri-La" --The Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps (a.k.a. The Rumford Boys' Bugle and Drum Band) Circus acts: --The Three Hermannis (diabolo act) --The Rodriguez Troupe (acrobats) --The Flying Artons (trapeze act) --The Robert Brothers' Elephantsmoreless
    • Host: Tony Randall / The Searchers
      US airdate: July 26, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: November 3, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests include: --Tony Randall (host) - "My Old Flame" --The Searchers - "Take It or Leave it" --Shari Lewis (singer-ventriloquist) - "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" and "You'll Never Get Away" --The Band Of H.M Royal Marines (Portsmouth)moreless
    • Host: Woody Allen / Freddie & The Dreamers

      US airdate: July 19, 1966 (CBS, color)
      UK airdate: October 13, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion, b/w)

      --Woody Allen (host)
      --Freddie & The Dreamers - "Cotton Fields Back Home," "It Takes a Worried Man" and "Have a Drink on Me."
      --Libby Morris (singer-comedian) - "One of Those Songs" & "Tea for Two."
      --The Kessler Twins (singers-dancers) - "Formidable" & "Married I Can Always Get."
      --The Trumpeters Of Kneller Hall

      Circus acts:
      --Michael Allport & Jennifer (magic act).
      --Dubsky's Football Dogs
      --The Flying Armors
      --Robert Bros. Boxing Kangaroos
      --The Olaffs (motorcyclists)

    • Host: Allan Sherman / The Zombies
      US airdate: July 12, 1966 (CBS) UK airdate: October 20, 1966 (ITV - Rediffusion) Guests include: --Allan Sherman (host) - "Second Hand Nose" --The Zombies - "Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself" --Linda Bennett (singer) - "I'm Nobody's Baby" --The Band Of The Grenadier Guards
    • Host: Jack Carter / Gerry & the Pacemakers
      US airdate: July 5, 1966 (CBS premiere)
      UK airdate: unknown
      Guests include:
      --Jack Carter (host) - "Hello, Dolly!"
      --Gerry and The Pacemakers - "I'm The One"
      --Jane Morgan - "One, Two, Three" and "What the World Needs Now"
      --The London Irish Girl Pipers
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