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  • I love this Karo Kano...

    Listen, I am one of the late blommers. I was bored during a class and decide to read the manga. And what do you know....I got addicated. Since I borrow this manga from a friend and she moved away, I still saving money to buy this. But anyway, they need to run like a mini- seris on regular tv. Just saying.....
  • His and Her Circumtances is a strong achievement in every single catagory. It combines Evangelion and Fooly Cooly rather heavily, and makes romance feel like it was caught up in the midst of things, but still plays a strong role in the storytelling.

    What I love the most about this show is that every single relationship is completely understandable. Yukino is a top student who excels in grades and is quite nice and popular. However, at home she's a complete nerd who bathes in the admiration of people, compelling her to be good at everything. Though once she reached high school, where all the bigger fish are, she finds a competitor who's not too different from her, Arima. Like her, he's also a model student who's good at a lot of things. Though the two found out each other's intentions on creating the masks they put on; Arima's original mother and father were a disgrace to the family who strived through cheating and lying. His current parents are his uncle and aunt, who are being scolded at their actions of taking in a child with such cabalities of his roots. Arima who wants to make his parents feel proud of him, studies real hard and practices a lot for kendou to becoming the best fighter in all of Japan. Eventually, in a very realistic situation, the two become friends, then more than friends but less than a couple, and finally through more realization of each other's nature and personality, finally start going out and twirling in one another's love.

    Though that's just one part of it, and when you think this turns out to be a love romance, it changes into an Evangelion esque type of situation, where the actions of each character who are affected by Yukino's and Arima's relationship are fully explained in detail. Tsubasa is a girl who idiotically got injured and really liked Arima in middle school. She's furious to find out that he gets this girlfriend, and now she tries to get at Yukino in several ways. Maho is a hypocrite who despises Yukino for stealing her spot light. She finally discovers her true self, in which she exploits Yukino's biggest weakness to the entire classing, turning everyone against her. Perhaps revealing her mask in such a late stage, combined with all the deceiving she's done, screwed her in the end. Though as she promised, Yukino gets along with all of those who hate her, and they eventually become friends.

    As I said before, the romance feels more like it was caught up in the midst of things, but it does still play a strong part in the storytelling. The love Yukino and Arima have is beautiful, just so beautiful. In core, it's very deep and for once, you get a full explanation on why they do. At first the couple were former people who wore masks they've created, captivating the real self within them. Though when they met each other, they've lifted each other's masks, and revealed their trust selves where they can finally live life to the fullest for the first time.

    His and Her circumstance doesn't only concentrate on these two characters alone. Even Yukino's dad gets an episode all for his own explaining the trials he had faced in his past childhood. Tsubassa, even after making amends with Yukino, is still having problems of her own. Her father wants to marry another women who has a son that looks older than Tsubassa, but is really younger. In between the moments the four have with each other that will soon turn into a family, the thoughts of both the brother and Tsuabassa are clearly explained, detailing how they were all alone all this time. Even Maho, who formerly walked within the shadows of Yukino, had an episode for her that will remind many people of Evangelion's last two episodes.

    That half of His and Her circumstances is its more serious and more Evangelion side. The other half of each episode is just pure whackiness that plays a lot like Fooly Cooly. During the same sequence, often times many bizarre happenings occur at a fast pace that sometimes you can't help but laugh at its charm. What's also really hilarious is how things are interpreted and every character's reactions to them. I found Fooly Cooly quite a chore to watch, but despite this show's heavy use of its style, I completely loved it! There's also one scene that literally had me on the floor; Tsubassa commits an unforgivable act in ripping in half the only picture Arima had of her girlfriend, which turned Yukino into a demon. The many faces she makes while chasing the helpless and hopeless Tsubassa is just so hilarious, that no matter how many times you see it, you can't help by laugh even more!

    His and Her circumstances is completely character driven, and not only do we get to delve into the problems of each them, ultimately making us love them even more, but you'll find a place for each of them in your heart, because they're that lovable. Yukino's family is a very VERY down to earth family. The father acts as if he's the big brother, while the two sisters tell him to shut up every so often because he does make immature remarks. I mean, how often do you see a daughter tell her father to shut up in a jokinly manner? Maybe this might be normal for others, but I guess where I live, this isn't really that common. The other characters are also very distinct, but there's far too much to talk about if I talk about them.

    When you think His and Her circumstances is the best show in the world, it becomes the most anticlamatic show in the world. The director got fed up with arguing with the original manga artist, and decided to quit, since she's complaining there's too much comedy, even though the comedy doesn't get in the way with the romance in any form. Also, the anime finally caught up with the manga, which lead to some horrible delaying tactics, such as an endless amount of recapping. There are even several episodes that are solely dedicated to recapping that it's just pure ridiculous. So, in place of the angered and awesome director who's known for greats such as Evangelion and Fooly Cooly, in comes a rookie who doesn't have experience at all.

    No offence to him, because with the circumstances he was put in, he did a better job than expected. But that still doesn't change the fact that His and Her circumstances made a very steep decline. The first half of the show is a mix between Evangelion and Fooly Cooly as stated numourous times before, but the later half suddenly turns into a Love Hina and Azumanga Diaoh type of show. I have no problem with slice of life shows such as the ones mentioned above, but when it makes a complete sudden turn like that, it's rather disappointing. Also, I heard the studio was low on budget in the later half of His and Her circumstances, and resorted to using cheap ways of making the productions lower, such as using paper cut outs (not joking) and exhausting still images with a nararrator explaining each scene.

    It's a major disappointment indeed, seeing as everything that was so great about this show was wasted thanks to budget problems and staff difficulties. Anyone find it odd that in both Neon Genesis and His and Her circumstances, GAINAX ran into budget problems near the end of each serie's life? Oh well it doesn't matter, since both anime series are wonderful and great either way. In the first half of this show, there's little to hate; the characters are easily loveable, the story is realistic and emotional, the animation is fluid and hilarious, and the music is just so fitting. I probably would have rated this show a 9.9 if it weren't for the last 8 episodes, but my love for the first 16 is just too great, so I'd feel guilty to deduct more than a couple points. All in all, His and Her circumstances is an absolute must see!
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