His and Her Circumstances - Season 1

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • 14 days 6
    14 days 6
    Episode 26
    Tonami shares a brief kiss with Tsubaki. Arima believes that Tonami is trying to take Yukino away. Yukino reassures Arima that she loves him and only him. Tonami is scared of his feelings toward Tsubaki so he runs and prays for the future.
  • 14 Days/7
    14 Days/7
    Episode 26
    Last episode...
  • Different story 2
    Different story 2
    Episode 25
    Yukino's youngest sister believes she is being stalked by a girl from her school. Kano confronts the girl and they both realize that it was a mere coincidence that they kept running into each other. They become friends and Kano's older sister, Tsukino has an admirer in Kano's friend who wants her (Tsukino) to her big sister.moreless
  • 12/24/98
    Ima Made to Chigau Ohanashi - 2
  • Different story 1
    Episode 24
    The first part of the episode has Arima and Yukino thinking about their insecurities. Arima still can't move beyond his troubled past and Yukino feels gypped by her changed ways. Arima makes Asaba cry because he didn't tell him that he and Yukino slept together. Part 2 of the episode is just a very brief recap of the series.moreless
  • 14 Days, Part 6
    Episode 24
    Yuki’s busy with the preparation for the play and does not see Arima still struggle with himself. Takefumi realizes his true feelings and his relationship with Tsubaki grows.
  • 14 days 5
    Episode 23
    The school festival is approaching, and Yukino is busy with both meetings and rehearsals for the play. Tonami, who has sworn revenge on Tsubaki, tells her that he hates her. Yukino and company get together on Sunday for a meeting, but before they know it, they get off on tangents. Maho, who cannot bear the sight of this, scolds them all.moreless
  • Something Different
    Something Different
    Episode 23
    A stalker appears and Kano is frightened. It turns out to be her sister, Tsukino’s trick. Tsukino had Megumi (Kano’s friend) follow Kano around to tease her.
  • 14 days 4
    Episode 22
    When Yukino says that they should do the play for the school festival, Maho, who really dislikes the idea, is reluctantly persuaded to go along. Yukino puts her negotiating skills to work to get the preparations made, including getting class director Kawashima to be their advisor. Arima, meanwhile, is...
  • A Different Story
    A Different Story
    Episode 22
    The school days go on. Yuki reflects on her change in herself. She also tries to help Arima who’s not dealing with his change well.
  • 14 days 3
    Episode 21
    Tonami asks Yukino not to tell Tsubaki and company that he went to school with Tsubaki. Yukino and Maho turn up their noses at Aya's suggestion that they do a play for the school festival, but read the script anyway. Yukino's reaction is something else.
  • 14 Days, Part 5
    14 Days, Part 5
    Episode 21
    Yuki, Maho, Aya, Rika, Tsubasa and Hideki work on the pre-production for the play. Yuki also spends time with Arima. Takefumi tries to get even with Tsubaki, but in vain.
  • 14 days 2
    14 days 2
    Episode 20
    Tonami is a transfer student who was teased by Tsubaki for being overweight all through grade school and intermediate school. Determined to change himself, he returns in a very handsome form, practically a different person. Aya, meanwhile, tells Yukino and company that she wants them to act out a play she's written for the school festival.moreless
  • 14 days 1
    14 days 1
    Episode 19
    It's the first day of planning for the Culture Fair. Yukino's class tries to decide what they want to do while Asaba informs them of what his class is doing: an Asaba Hideki Dinner Show. A new transfer student named Tonami Takefumi was arrived. When Rika hears the name she remembers a boy with the same name from 7th grade but figures it's just a coincidence that they have the exact same name. Aya finally finishes whatever she was writing from the day before saying that it was a screenplay. She wrote it out hoping that Yukino, Maho, and Tsubasa would perform it since they have nothing to do during the Culture Fair.moreless
  • 14 Days, Part 3
    14 Days, Part 3
    Episode 19
    Takefumi’s revenge plan is revealed. He joins the basketball club and starts giving Tsubaki problems.
  • Progress
    Episode 18
    Arima has suffered grievously at the hands of his relatives over the disappearance of his father. Before he met Yukino, his foster parents were the only positive influence in his life. Now, however, he has come to depend on her greatly for emotional support. Now, however...
  • 14 Days, Part 2
    Episode 18
    Takefumi’s past is revealed. Tsubaki used to slave him and Arima used to protect him in the class.
  • His flitting
    Episode 17
    Yukino receives a letter from Arima, away at the Kendo tournament, that makes her think of him all the more. Then the moment she's waited for comes: Arima returns to her, looking taller than before. This leads her to feel differently about him than she did before.
  • 14 Days, Part 1
    Episode 17
    The second semester begins and the students get ready for the School Festival. Hideki comes up with a dinner show plan and makes Yuki competitive.
  • Perpetuating Line
    Perpetuating Line
    Episode 16
    The Miyazawa Family assembles for a trip to Grandfather's house. Once there, they find an old photograph of Yukino's mother, Miyaka, who looked just like Yukino at the same age. Later, while taking a walk with Miyaka, Hiroyuki reminisces about his early years, his Grandfather, and the love of his life.moreless
  • He Appears
    He Appears
    Episode 15
    Although Yuki spent most of her summer vacation with her new friends, she still misses Soichiro Arima so much.
  • The first half of the episode is entitled "The Story Until Now (Part 2)", which recaps episode 9-13. The second part of the episode begins the second half of the series. Arima and Yukino are separated from one another by training camp over summer vacation. An unexpected phone call from Arima makes Yukino's heart beat faster. Asaba, meanwhile, bored because Arima isn't around, shows up at Yukino's house, where Tsukino and Kano make him welcome.moreless
  • 12/30/98
    This episode looks back on the events that surrounded the growing bond between Yukino Miyazawa and Souichirou Arima. Covering episodes 1-8, Part 1 looks at their budding attraction, then becoming a couple, and finally dealing with their feelings of being in a relationship for the first time.
  • The Things We See Beyond Voices
    Arima and Yuki are separated from one another by training camp over Summer Holidays. An unexpected phone call from Arima makes Yuki’s heart beat faster.
  • 12/25/98
    Tsubasa is opposed to her father's remarriage, but realizing that her opinions carry no weight, she gives in and agrees to meet her stepbrother-to-be, who turns out to be a blond punk rocker named Kazuma. His remarks burn Tsubasa, and everything goes right to hell. Later, they meet by chance in the street, with very different results.moreless
  • 12/18/98
    Tsubasa, opposed to her father's remarriage, declares that she will stay at Yukino's house instead of going home. Yukino is confused, but finally Tsubasa and Maho end up staying at the Miyazawa house. A phone call from Tsubaki brings Tsubasa's father and his new fiancee.
  • 12/11/98
    All sorts of things have happened in the currently ending school term. Arima tells Yukino that he won't be able to see her for a while because he'll be taking part in the upcoming Kendo tournament. Without Arima, Yukino finds herself spending Summer Vacation with female friends for the first time in her life. She puts a bold face on it, but Tsubasa acts very strangely...moreless
  • Everything From Now
    Episode 10
    What with the girls in her class despising her, and yet another old friend of Arima's, Shibahime Tsubasa, giving her the evil eye as well, Yukino is hemmed in on all sides. With no intention of giving into these assaults, however, she instead spends carefree days with Arima and Asaba. She even turns aside Shibaki's escalating attacks as if they were mere jokes. Hearing all of this, Tsubaki, a friend of Shibahime's, joins Aya and Rika in declaring their friendship for Yukino, thus abruptly drawing her into their group.moreless
  • Isolation in the Class
    Yuki decides to be her real self, but her classmate still treat her as a visitor from outside.
  • 11/27/98
    Yukino makes the decision to be her real self, but her classmates still treat her as a visitor from outside. The other girls mistrust her and spread rumors in the wake of her parents being called in on account of her falling grades, as well as her getting close not only with Arima, but also with Asaba. In the midst of all this, Isawa Maho, who had detected a change in Yukino some time back, takes advantage of the girls' antagonism toward Yukino to take control of them. And what will Yukino do when these moves finally lead to action?moreless
  • One day not long before Summer Vacation, Yukino goes to play at Arima's house. It's the first time they've been alone there. As a test of the distance between them, they have their second kiss, and Yukino feels even more strongly for him than she did before.
  • Their Estrangement
    Episode 7
    The relationship between Yukino, Arima, and new friend Asaba gets deeper and deeper. Yukino and Arima don't care in the slightest that their final exam results were not very good. The school authorities, however, present these scores to them as being a serious problem. In the face of this teacher response, Yukino persists in putting forth her intent to be her real self, but events progress to the point that their parents are called in.moreless
  • 11/6/98
    With Summer Vacation close at hand, Arima and Yukino date one another constantly, to make up for all the time they've lost due to the troubles they've had. But the more he dates her, and learns what she is really like, the greater Arima's complex about Yukino's nature becomes. His worries build, until one evening, they meet under a blazing sunset.moreless
  • Your Voice Changed Me
    Because of lack of for meeting each other, and the failure of their fisrt date, Arima and Yuki date frequently afterwards.
  • Days of the Labyrinth
    Arima and Yukino finally become "boyfriend and girlfriend". But preparations are underway for the school Field Day. This resulting in a state of controlled chaos. As both of them have the trust of students and faculty alike, they are given positions of leadership, which cause them to pass one another by in school for days on end. This situation causes them serious agitation. And when the Field Day is over, another boy starts to cramp Arima's style in a big way: Asaba Hideaki, the handsome, popular young man from Class F.moreless
  • Daily Labyrinth
    Episode 5
    After so many tears and frustration, Yuki and Arima become steady friends to each other. However, both of them are too busy to have time to meet because of preparation for School Sport Day.
  • Her Problem
    Episode 4
    The more Yukino learns about Arima, the more attracted she is to him. When he comes on to her again, though, she suddenly becomes so tense that she cannot respond. Thus, they are once again more than friends, but less than lovers. Upset at her own failure, Yukino decides that she will make the next move herself. She creates a number of plots and schemes, and tries to make an opportunity to use them...moreless
  • His Reasons
    Episode 3
    Yukino and Arima rapidly get closer now that they share one another's secrets, even to the point that they study together at one another's houses. One day, however, Arima's attitude toward Yukino undergoes a sudden and drastic change. He turns so cold toward her that she actually feels like he is rejecting her, and with no experience in these matters, she can't tell what's really going on with him. Bewildered, Yukino nonetheless closes in. At which point, Arima...moreless
  • Their Secret
    Episode 2
    Due to her own serious foul-up, Yukino finds herself in a heap of trouble. She spends days terrified of Arima's reaction. When days have passed as if nothing has happened, and Yukino lets down her guard, Arima's unthinkable retaliation begins. In exchange for not revealing the truth about her, Yukino must help Arima with all the different committee work he gets, in effect reducing her to his slave. After-school sessions go on and on, with the two of them wading through a mountain of work.moreless
  • Her Reasons
    Episode 1
    It is Spring, and Yukino Miyazawa (宮沢雪野, Miyazawa Yukino in Japanese) has entered Hokuei Prefectural High School. With her looks, good grades, excellent athletic ability, and winning personality, she soon becomes the darling of her class. The truth, though, is that this is all a facade. Yukino is deathly concerned about how other people see her. Souichirou Arima (有馬総一郎, Arima Souichirou in Japanese), a boy in her class, threatens her very existence as a result. A handsome boy who entered the school at the top of the entrance exams, he steals Yukino's place as class representative, and steadily encroaches on her popularity in class. Feeling her position has been usurped, she feels an intense rivalry towards him.moreless