His and Her Circumstances

(ended 1999)





  • Season 1 Episode 13: On the Subjectivity of Ha...

  • Animation Error: When Tsubasa's father welcomes his daughter home, he is standing in front of his recliner. However, the chair is transparent so his legs can be seen through it.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Her Problem

  • Continuity Error: When Yukino tries to call Souichirou, she looks at the phone in her hand. In the next shot the phone is up to her ear as if she had already dialed, but in the proceeding shot she is looking at the phone again.

  • Continuity Error: When Souichirou tells Yukino that he loves her, she does not know how to respond and lowers her head as she tries to think of something to say. In the next shot, she is looking at Souichirou while in the next shot, without showing any movement, she is looking down again.

  • Continuity Error: When Yukino is first shown sitting in the conference room at the end of the episode, Souichirou is seated next to her. In the next shot, Yukino is thinking. She then looks up as the conference room door is closed. The next shot shows Souichirou sittiing down next to Yukino.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Her Reasons

  • At the very beginning of the episode, Japanese writing is displayed:

    Kanji: 私は人の目にどう映るのだろうか。
    Romaji: Watashi wa Hito no Me ni dō Utsuru no darōka.

    The DVD translates the sentence as, "How do people see me?" However, it's quite obvious that the Japanese sentence ends in a period. The correct translation should be, "Who I appear to be is reflected in the eyes of people."

  • Error in voice script: When talking with Arima before class, Yukino sits in a desk behind him yet she says that, "the nice partner (her) in front of you (Arima) is the woman who'll send you to hell". The Japanese seiyuu also says the same thing.

  • When Yukino greets her sisters when they arrive home from school, the two loose strands of her hair change from the right side of her head to the left and then back to the right as the scenes change.

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