Season 1 Episode 32

Presidential People

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 13, 1999 on The WB

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  • Loud pulling a "Green Eggs & Ham" with George W. Bush, the 12 dollar bill, Toast launching Lyndon Baines Johnson into orbit, and a bunch of songs! This is definitely a series classic!

    In this episode, the Histeria crew takes a look into Presidents. The episode starts out with the song "You'll be leader of the United States" (which happens to be a parody of the song "YMCA") and a Loud Kiddington skit.

    The Loud Kiddington sketch is simply one of Loud's best sketches in my opinion. It starts out with Bush stating he does not like broccoli, and then Loud starts chasing him with a plate of broccoli and a toasted bun in a way that spoofs classic book "Green Eggs and Ham" This is one hilarious sketch.

    Other sketches include the 12 Dollar Bill, where Woodrow Wilson explains that he was put onto the $100,000 bill, and complains about it. So he comes up with the $12 bill. Toast's "Ask Me If I Care" sketch, where he talks to Lyndon Baine Johnson. Lyndon caught Toast's attention with his scar, but when Lydia Karaoke mentions that he created public television, Toast launches him into orbit. Another sketch was "Raggity Lyndon Johnson", which featured Charity playing with a doll version of Lyndon Johnson, while Loud (who appears out of nowhere) joins in with a Abbie Hoffman doll, only to wind up being arrested by Charity's secret service agent dolls. Each sketch was pretty funny.

    Finally there were the songs in this episode. Besides "You'll be Leader of the United States", there were other songs like "Bully Bully", "President for One Day", "The Theme From Taft" (a parody of the Shaft theme), and "Raggity Lyndon Johnson" which was used in that sketch. Each song was catchy.

    Overall, Presidential People is definitely a Histeria classic. The episode has some good humor and some pretty catchy music, that I enjoyed watching from this series.