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  • oh boy this was and still is terrible

    Oh boy so many things wrong with it. I have always loved history (majoring in it) but when i saw this as a kid i was not a fan. I'd rather/enjoyed reading history books!As one person stated the main characters were obnoxius. I'd rather have historical figures not some random stupid characters. The songs were meh. It had potentional but really failed. Recently i gave it a 2nd chance (watched clips on youtube) still did not like. If you want a good fun history show Horrible Histories (a british show) is awesome! Liberty's kids is better! This is something i would recommend to avoid like the plague.
  • Definitely underrated, but no without reason

    Histeria! is a good show, and I think that we can all agree on that. But it is also the very definition of the "mixed bag" if I ever saw one and, if it never got quite the popularity of other shows produced by Warner Brothers, that has a lot to do with it.

    The shows does relatively well when it comes to re-telling American history in a fun and imaginative way, but tends to fall really short when it comes to anyone else's. For example, the couple of episodes that cover the American Civil War are smart, fun and masterfully put together in a way that results engaging to the viewer and actually makes them want to lean more about the facts... but episodes like the one talking about World War 2 are such a clown show that honestly made me regret being a fan of this show in the first place.

    The animation is another "questionable" topic on this show. And while it is true that other -infinitely more successful- shows had suffered from inconsistent animation, it results specially obvious here because most of the movements look "robotic" when there are many characters on-screen.

    Still, credit where it's due: the songs are as informative as they are amazing and most of the characters are rather unique and likable.

    Give it a watch if you think that History is way too serious for your taste.
  • Crazy funny!!! It's edutainment!

    Man I really miss this show!! Why does everything I love get cancelled? This show taught kids (or adults - cmon you know you watched it too) history with a fun, crazy twist. The characters were weird, but endearing. How can you not love a show that entertains you while you learn? I have always found that I learn better when I am interested in what I'm learning, and this show was interesting and then some! I hope they put out a DVD at some point, I would buy for sure! Lucky Bob and Big Fat Baby are too cool : D.
  • This Show actually helped me in my history class! And it was funny too!

    This show was sooo funny. it spoofed off every popular show of the day. It actually talked about history and made it funny too. I actually remembered alot of it 3 years later when i got into US History. It actually helped me on one of our hardest tests. (on the pony express and the old west) My favorite charectors were Loud Kidington and Toast. I can even remember the Ask me if I Care theme song thing. i was really sad when it stopped running, and i don't think you can find it on DVD, but it was still a great show that i remember in my mind.
  • The greatest way to learn about history!

    History has never been more fun to learn (when has it ever been fun to learn?). My favorite episodes include "The Terrible Tudors" (the song about the tudors was catchy), as well as episodes featuring Napoleon, what can I say? He's funny for a dictator. Thomas Jefferson was hilarious as well (when he wasn't making a crummy speech, the pen pillager was playing the violin lousy). That Big Fat Baby is a load of laughs too (he's also a load of something I can't say). In fact the show had an entire cast that was funny, including Father Time, World's Oldest Women, Loud Kiddington and his dog Fetch, as well as Toast, Pepper Mills, Charity, and Froggo. In my opinion, History class should consider showing this show for lessons. I give this show two big thumbs up.
  • Making fun of history never failed like this.

    With the formula of making fun of history, this show should've been great, but the thing that just plain ruins this show is how horrible most of the main characters were. Father Time and the World's Oldest woman were entertaining, but you had the obnoxious screamers like Pepper Pots and Loud Kiddington (who saddly had some of the largest amount of screen time), the one-unfunny-gimick-ponies like Nostredamous (why was he always telling people to "shut-up" all the time for no reason?), and characters like Toast and the Asian girl who despite having good chesmistry were given lame and annouying jokes to work with. Outside of the main characters, the lessons with the historical characters varied at times. Some were good, while others were just plain unfunny\tasteless (The "My Buddy, Stalin" skit anyone?). Overall, the show tried, but you're much better off watching Time Squad which (despite the cruddy animation) had a better sense of humor and much more likeable characters.
  • Histeria put the fun in both funny and History.

    One of the most boring subjects in school has, and will always be, history. So Warner Bros. Inc, along with the great Steven Spielberg came together to turn history into an rather unique style of education. Thus, Histeria was born.

    I wish they hadn\'t cancel it. Despite its hilarious methods, they still had a way of getting the education through. However, people only watched it for the jokes and never thought of it as an educational show. That\'s why I think it\'s underappreciated.

    Sometimes, I think people do not know a good show even if it came out and shot them. Anyways, that\'s my info for the day. Bye.
  • We dare ya to watch histeria!

    Funny and informative at the same time. From the catchy opening theme to the interesting way of teaching history, the show was unparalleled. The hilarious characters are memorable-father time, the worlds oldest woman and the big fat baby were some of them. Honestly, this show should have been shown in elementary school cause it actually taught history-in a funny and entertaining way. But, as with the other good shows during kids wb's golden age it just disappeared quietly. Currently their are no indications of DVD's coming out but i really hope they would. We swear-ia, and declaria! Extrordinaria, is Histeria. So preparia for hilaria. We dare ya to watch Histeria!
  • Why don't they show this show?

    This needs to come back. It was one of the good Kids wb shows. As a matter of fact it was one of the few good ones. I watched this everday when it came on. And now it does not, that is a shame. All the good ones where cancled, and never shown again.
  • Underappreciated, but downright brilliant.

    After "Animaniacs" went the way of the dinosaur (far too early, in my opinion), this cartoon was the best thing Kids WB had going for them. The show, featuing a bizarre cast of characters like Father Time, Big Fat Baby, Froggo and others, took a "Looney Tunes"-like view of history. From a Civil War sketch that cast Abraham Lincoln and his staff as the cast of "Seinfeld" to Froggo's "Ask Me If I Care" talk show segmment and the crazy ravings of Nostradomas (pronounced "NO-stra-dom-EEEEEEES!!!"), this cartoon not only entertained, but actually conveyed a lot of true historical fact, making it one of the view shows in history that was not only genuinely educational, but also fun to watch. There hasn't been a show on Kids WB worth watching since this unheralded great went off the air.
  • Histerical and Historical, Histeria! will go down in the history books as one of the most unheralded, yet phenominally entertaining and somewhat educational cartoons ever created.

    Like most things that deal with history, not too many people remember Histeria!. This is a shame, for it is a fun mix of Animaniacs style humor and a loose based realism on actual history. Together, these two aspects make for a highly entertaining and somewhat educational experience. Each and every show brings forth a unique twist on common history taught in elementary school and even some more obscure events of the past as well. While these portrayals are not really all that accurate, they are hillarious to say the least. There is some validity to each event, but let's face it, the most attractive aspect of this show is humor, not history. Thus, the educational aspect is there, but it is not a show that will cause you to go out and dominate on Jeopardy!. As far as the show itself goes, there are numerous "skits", including historical musical numbers to just wacky events that deal with things from Socrates to Abraham Lincoln. All in all, this was a fantastic show that really caught me off guard. It was a very well thought out production and actually had solid entertainment value to it.

    My final review: Histerical and Historical, Histeria! will go down in the history books as one of the most unheralded yet phenominal cartoons ever created.
  • A bunch of wacky characters inform, teach, and lampoon historical epochs that nobody should be ignorant about. Sure, the information they give may be a bit off at times, but that just adds to the entertainment.

    Histeria! is one show that was severely underrated when it came out. Filled with hilarious historical facts combined with modern (At least while it was out) pop culture. Who can forget the episode where Abraham Lincoln had his own sitcom based off of Seinfeld ("Hello...Davis.")?

    While there are a lot of shows I love that nobody remembers anymore (Or nobody cares about if they ever did), I miss Histeria! like I miss my childhood. Back in those days, the Animaniacs could put a bomb down Andrew Jackson's pants and I would find it to be the most hilarious thing ever.

    Histeria! does just that and more. Not to be missed even though it's already gone...