Season 1 Episode 3

The Attack Of The Vikings

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 16, 1998 on The WB
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The Attack Of The Vikings
The gang sings about being a viking, play see it/don't see it, and Meet the Vikings with Bill Straitman.

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    Laraine Newman

    Laraine Newman

    Charity Bazaar/Miss Information

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Toast/Pepper Mills/World's Oldest Woman

    Cree Summer

    Cree Summer

    Aka Pella and Various Others

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Father Time/Fetch

    Jason Marsden

    Jason Marsden


    Cindy Henderson

    Cindy Henderson


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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the "It's Called Histeria!" intro, when the characters are running from the giant Big Fat Baby, there appears to be two Charity Bazaars.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Ivar the Boneless: My brothers and I are leaving on a six-month loot and pillage of England, and we're looking for a ship with a savage continent.
        Sven Chatterson: Well, Boney, you've come to the right place! I've just the thing - one of our big, BIG sellers! On sale today only, we call it the terrifying King of the Jungle! (reveals a ship with a kitten figurehead)
        Ivar: It's a kitty!
        Sven: No, it's a ferocious jungle cat! ROARR!
        Ivar: It's a kitty! I can't invade England with a kitty on the front of my boat!
        Sven: Are you kidding? This thing will strike terror in their souls! It will send people running!
        Ivar: Only if they're allergic to kitties. I need something fierce!
        Sven: He's fierce!
        Ivar: He's smiling!
        Sven: No he's not!
        Ivar: That's one of those inscrutible little kitty smiles!
        Sven: No, he's thinking!
        Ivar: (sarcastically) Oh, thinking! Great! "Here come the Vikings, they're going to think us to death! Oh, my brain's filled with thoughts! Run for your lives!"
        Sven: Now now, Boneless baby, look at those eyes! They say, "I'm angry!" They say, "I'm dangerous!" They say--
        Ivar: They say, "Meow," he's a happy little kitten!
        Sven: I happen to know he's not the least bit happy. He's actually rather sad.
        Ivar: Oh, even better! "Run everyone! Here come the Sad Kitty Vikings! Look out or we'll depress you! Ooooh!"
        Sven: I'm sensing the jungle cat look is not you.
        Ivar: No DUH! What else do you have?
        Sven: Okay, you want something fierce?
        Ivar: Well, that's the concept! Something that'll strike fear and make entire nations surrender and bow to us!
        Sven: I have just what you're looking for - the dreaded dragon! (reveals a figurehead of a duckling)
        Ivar: No, that's not a dragon.
        Sven: Sure it is; a fire-breathing dragon! ROARR!
        Ivar: No it's not, it's a duckie!
        Sven: Excuse me! Hello? A duckie? Earth to Boneless! That's a fire-breathing dragon!
        Ivar: With a beak and feathers?!
        Sven: Have you ever seen a real dragon?
        Ivar: No.
        Sven: They have beaks and feathers!
        Ivar: Not on my ship, they don't!
        Sven: Fair enough. But wait! We have a new design that just came in! We call it, Leader of the Wolfpack! (reveals a figurehead of a puppy) Whaddaya think?
        Ivar: I think you're deranged.
        Sven: Whaat?!
        Ivar: It's a puppy!
        Sven: No, it's a woluf! Howling at the moon! AH-OOOOOH!
        Ivar: It's a newborn puppy who's just done a naughty! Look, I don't think you're grasping the concept here. I want to soar over the waves with a ferocious figurehead on my ship!
        Sven: Soar, yes! How about a hawk, vicious, sweeping down for the kill?
        Ivar: Now you're talking!
        Sven: There ya go! (reveals a figurehead of a butterfly)
        Ivar: Hmm. Doesn't exactly resemble a hawk, does it?
        Sven: Sure that's a hawk all right, streaking through the sky! HAWWK! HAWWK!
        Ivar: Don't hawks have sharp talons, you know, CLAWS?
        Sven: Not always.
        Ivar: I think they do!
        Sven: They trim their claws!
        Ivar: What?!
        Sven: For special occasions, they trim them!
        Ivar: No they don't!
        Sven: Sure, for formal occasions!
        Ivar: Oh stop! It's not a hawk at all!

        Sven: Yes it is!
        Ivar: It's a butterfly!
        Sven: No!
        Ivar: Yes, a pretty butterfly, fluttering across the water!
        Sven: Hmm, hmm... I don't see it.
        Ivar: There's nothing scary here at all, is there?
        Sven: Well...
        Ivar: It's like all your ship's figureheads are being designed by a three-year-old!
        Sven: Oh, that's just not true!
        Ivar: No?
        Sven: No! Actually, I don't think he's over twelve months. (camera pans to reveal a Big Fat Baby designing figureheads)

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