History Alive

Season 1 Episode 13

Border Patrol

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 2006 on The History Channel
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Border Patrol
In many ways, America's borders are like battlefields. As the world's wealthiest nation, the US, is the choice destination for smugglers and illegal aliens. Many of them will stop at nothing to gain access to the American Dream, including jumping its borders. Entrusted with stopping them is the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Border Patrol. Created by an act of Congress in 1924, we'll see how the Border Patrol has grown from horse-and-buggy to high-tech.moreless
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      • Narrator: America's borders, in many ways they're battlefields. Every day a high stakes game of hide and seek, cat and mouse takes place along them. As the wealthiest nation on Earth, the United States is the most prized destination for smugglers and illegal aliens. Many of them will stop at nothing to gain access to the golden American dream, including jumping its borders. From icy stretches of the Canadian border to the sweltering desert along the Mexican boundary, the United States Border Patrol is entrusted with stopping them. Their job is complex, intense and often bloody. See them in action next on The Enforcers: The Border Patrol.

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      • Originally part of The Enforcers.

      • Commentators:

        Leon Metz

        Marian Smith
        Historian, U.S. INS

        Kelly Lytle
        University of California, Los Angeles

        Gustavo De La Vina
        U.S. Border Patrol Chief

        Dogle Wright
        Original Border Inspector

        Kevin P. McCrary
        Senior Patrol Agent

        Luis Barker
        Chief Patrol Agent, El Paso Sector

        Cody S. Winn
        Senior Patrol Agent

        Richard Duggan
        Border Patrol Agent

        Marco A. Diaz
        Border Patrol Agent

        Mark Vieth
        Border Patrol Agent

        Jeffrey Scott Ewing
        Border Patrol Agent

        Edward N. Tallon
        Border Patrol Agent

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