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The History Channel Premiered May 26, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 5
    • Earth 2100
      Earth 2100
      Episode 4
      Easter Island, the Mayan ruins, and the abandoned pueblos of Chaco Canyon all stand as haunting monuments to extinct civilizations. Each of these societies collapsed because of man-made ecological disasters. Each confronted choices chillingly similar to the ones we face today. Are we living in the last century of our civilization? Many of the world's top scientists say yes, unless we quickly learn the lessons of the past. This two-hour special examines the current path of our modern world. Top U.S. Army, intelligence, and policymakers who have modeled a scenario of the next century say that if we continue on this trajectory, over the next hundred years the "perfect storm" of population growth, resource depletion, climate change, terrorism and disease will converge in an unstable world with catastrophic results. What lessons of the past must we heed to survive?moreless
    • Apocalypse Man
      Apocalypse Man
      Episode 3
      Government authorities say it's "not if... but when"...a moment in the future when, just as it has in the past, some catastrophe sparks mass destruction, leaving humans challenged to find shelter, heat, food, water and defense. If that happens, would you know what to do? Survival expert Rudy Reyes journeys through abandoned buildings showing us some surprising survival techniques, including making fire from steel wool and batteries, finding safe houses, making gasoline in a fast food restaurants parking lot, jump starting a hospital backup generator, and creating shortwave radio transmissions with common objects. Rudy Reyes is a FORCE recon marine sergeant and martial artist whom has extensive training in long term isolated survival.moreless
    • After Armageddon
      After Armageddon
      Episode 2
      What have past acts of destruction taught us about what will happen to mankind after the apocalypse? Is it inevitable that disaster will someday strike America on an unprecedented level? How has history prepared us? History's most dramatic events--Hiroshima, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and others--are examined and analyzed with hard data gathered from their massive aftereffects. The disappearance of water and food supplies, the effects of deteriorated sanitation and health care on the remaining population, and the increased use of violence as a means of survival--all illustrate how societies have responded and survived.moreless
    • Apocalypse Island
      Does a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hold the final clue to the Mayan's apocalyptic predictions concerning 2012? One explorer thinks he's discovered the answers that have eluded man for centuries. Jim Turner stumbled on this remote artifact over a decade ago and has spent the past ten years preparing an expedition to prove that this is the place they foretold that the gods would come to watch the final minutes of civilization as we know it.moreless
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