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History Alive

Season 3 Episode 1

Life After People

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2008 on The History Channel
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Episode Summary

Life After People
Explore the tantalizing question of whether all the remnants of mankind will eventually disappear from our planet. What would happen to the earth if humans ceased to exist? Would ocean life flourish, the buffalo return to the Great Plains and our skyscrapers yield to the wear and tear of time.moreless
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  • A episode that mostly focus on the things humans built and the animals around the earth. In other words, the animals and the objects are the stars of this episode...kind of.moreless

    Yeah, I'm sorry for the cruddy summary.... Anyways, I've watched this special on Saturday and I gotta say it's quite interesting yet it's kind of something I might of already known already. What I mean by this is I know that some things, like towers and houses, would start to rust and there would be loads of trees growing in cities but I kind of didn't knew that TV/radio signals wouldn't really reach out to some alien civilization that might have some sci-fi tech that would cause me to have some nerdgasm or someth-alright...I'm sorry for getting carried away there.

    So, I can see that it doesnt really explain anything about what happened to the humans since this is suppose to focus on the stuff humans made (CDs, Tech, Skyscrapers, houses, dirty magazines, etc) and the animals that once avoided the cities. I'm guessing it's like some situation like "What if you took all of my video game consoles and put me in a room without anything I like" kind of thing, you know? Here is the some nutshell:

    So it's Day 1 and everything looks like as if it's still new or something but then you have power plants stop working...skip to 50 years and you start to have trees growing in places and having some spots decaying or rotting...skip to 1,000 years and buildings start to rust and skyscrapers start to fall down (ZMOG, Itz 9/11 All Ovah Again!)...skip to 10,000 and you see loads of vegetation in New York City and you have rivers going thrue roads or something...skip to 100,000 years and everything is like a forest and you can't recognize anything...skip to 500,000 years and you have the Zurgs facing off with the humans, battling for survival and trying to get Blizzard to release StarCraft2 ASAP!!!

    I felt like at some parts, they just repeat the same facts over and over again but it's ok.

    I give "Life After People" a 7.5 out of 10.moreless
  • An interesting look at what would happen if all humans left the earth.

    The History Channel does it again, with another interesting and informative episode of History Alive. This particular episode takes a look at what would happen to the earth and all of its remaining inhabitants if all humans were to disappear.

    This episode provides very interesting information, backed up with solid scientific proof. It flowed into each subject (such as animals, plant life, and electricity) smoothly.

    One problem I did have with this special that prevents me from giving it a 10 out of 10 is that it can sometimes be a bit boring, and drag a bit, especially towards the end. Two hours seemed to be a bit long - they could have squeezed it into one or one and a half hours, as some information was repeated, while other information seemed a bit superfluous.

    Other than that, this special episode of History Alive is a very well-made and well thought-out special on an interesting subject - life after people. I highly recommend it to both history and/or science buffs and general knowledge-seekers as well.

    A well-deserved 9.7/10.moreless

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