History Alive

Season 2 Episode 1

Nostradamus: 500 Years Later

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 2007 on The History Channel



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    • Narrator: Did the Renaissance era prophet and poet Nostradamus actually foresee 9/11 and the other catastrophic events of the last 500 years? Are there prophecies yet to be fulfilled? Now, on the 500th anniversary of his birth, we take a new look at the real man and his startling predictions of the future.

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    • Originally broadcast on 2003.

    • Commentators:

      Vincent Bridges

      Penn Gillette

      Peter Lemesurier
      Author, The Unknown Nostradamus

      Marie de Larouziere
      Curator, Alchemist's Garden

      Sharon Jarvis
      Author, Cosmic Countdown

      John Anthony West
      Author, The Case for Astrology

      Victor Baines
      Director, Nostradamus Society of America

      Jacqueline Allemand
      Director, Nostradamus Museum

      Dr. Michael Shermer
      Publisher, Skeptic Magazine

      Janelle Brown
      Journalist, Salon.com

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