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The History Channel Premiered May 26, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • History Rocks.

    History always was my best subject in school, and the History Channel helps me enjoy it even more. The channel's infomative and educational TV programs not only help remind me of how much I love history, but it also shows programs about science and other subjects that are not exactly history-related but just as informative and educational. I often tape the programs and show them in school for extra credit. I personaly feel that everyone should watch the programs on the Hisotry and Discovery Channels. It would not only be good for just them, but their homes and families as well.
  • I classify the History Channel and its programming as informative. I didn\'t care much for history while in school, but the format and presentation of historical facts and events are very appealing to me. I watch this program because of its content

    Angels: Good & Evil Honestly, I rarely watch programs with a \"religious\" tone, because I usually end up being grossly disappoint with the content. The comments from non Christians are usually without understanding, quite ignorant and without merit. But since the History Channel is not considered a Christian Program nor does it claim to be, I must appreciate their attempt to bring some light to the subject.

    Sometimes in rare cases I\'m able to tolerate this type of mind set and watch. But as we know, in our circle, angels are real, and they are messengers of God. Angelic in nature and serving God\'s purpose. Some people have experienced at least one \"angelic\" encounter (good or evil)
    in their lifetime. Many have not been aware and some could only explain, that it had to have been an angel!