History Alive

Season 1 Episode 44

Viking Raiders

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2006 on The History Channel
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Viking Raiders
Take two teams of trained oarsman and a sprinkling of international yachtsmen and send them back 1200 years into the past. They will race across the North Sea in two replica Viking Longboats from Jutland in Denmark to Lindisfarne on the north east coast of England, site of the first recorded Viking raids. Using Viking navigation techniques find out how these denizens of the North Sea achieved their remarkable journey. How did they manage without maps and compasses? Can modern man in identical situation complete the journey.moreless
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      • Narrator: The Vikings, for 300 years their name meant fear, they held half the world to ransom, pillaging and plundering across Europe and beyond. Their decisive weapon, the revolutionary Viking longship. The longship gave the Vikings dominance of the North Sea, but to conquer this vast, cold and often hostile stretch of water took more than the right ship. It required courage, stamina and a brute strength not to be found today. Or is it? One group of people just might be up to the challenge. Britain's rowing elite, the men and women who compete in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Now they plan to take their competition to a higher level, they will face what the Vikings faced and race from Denmark to England, 350 miles of open sea.

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      • Commentators:

        Dr. Gareth Williams
        Viking Historian

        Dr. Richard Hall
        York Archaeological Trust

        Dr. Chris Abrams
        Scandinavian Studies, UCL

        Max Vinner
        Curator, Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

        Poul Nygaard
        Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

        Soren Nielsen
        Shipbuilder, Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

        Bjarne Clement
        Ribe Viking Center

        Esben Jessen
        Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

        Alex Bohanna

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