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The History Channel (ended 2004)





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  • Yes...Canadian Made but GLOBAL in focus...almost ALL of the 'in' jokes and impersonations are readily recognizable by Americans... This show is a HISTORY show that uses comedy not a comedy show about history. Viewed from that angle...it is

    Can't understand why this show is/was so underapprectiated. Lead by Rick Green, who doesn't hit you over the head with sex and vulgarity to be funny, this is a GREAT show for those looking to learn a little about classic history but with a comedic twist.

    Rick Green: I used to watch Prisoners of Gravity and I didn't even read Comic Books...the guy is just plain funny. Also in Red Green show and a member of the Frantics (coming back this Jan 06!!!) and Four on the Floor.

    Ron Pardo: NO ONE does a Letterman impression better...its unbelievable. Other excellent impressions are: Regis Philbin, Dennis Miller, Don Cherry, Howard Stern, Tom Brokaw, Archie Bunker, Larry King, Garry Shandling. see more : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0661132/

    Watch this show...learn and laugh...its excellent!