History Bites - Season 3

The History Channel (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • The Shootout At Fly's Photographic Studio
    The true facts behind the now mythical Shootout At The OK Corral.
  • There's Gold In Them Thar Beavers
    A look at "Radisson & Groseilliers"
  • The First Emperor
    The First Emperor
    Episode 22
    This episode focuses on Sargon the Great, ruler of the Mesopotamia empire in 2500 B.C., who is acknowledged by many histories to be mankind's first emperor. The sketches potray how Sargon might have tried to portray himself to his people as well as he could have dealt with dissenters.
  • Gladiators: Too Hot For TV
    The sport of gladiatorial combat during the days of the Roman Empire, as well as the beliefs of the time, are the focus of this episode.
  • When Irish Eyes Are Starvin'
    A look at "The Great Irish Potato Famine"
  • A New Angle On The Gods
    A look at "Pythagoras and his followers"
  • The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
    This episode focuses on Oliver Cromwell, leader of the Puritans who lead the overthrowing of King Charles of England but was reluctant to lead the country himself. The sketches also touch upon the beliefs of the Puritans as well as other ideas of the era.
  • The Mountie's Comical Ride
    A look at "The North West Mounted Police's great trek to the west" This episode focuses on the North West Mounted Police's first trek west in 1874 and how it almost ended in humilation and a great fiasco.
  • Saladin's Last Stand
    A look at "Saladin"
  • Glengarry Glen Baa
    Glengarry Glen Baa
    Episode 15
    As the Industrial Revolution began there was a huge demand for wool.
  • Monk On A Hot Tin Roof
    A look at "the priest takes over Florence."
  • Alexander's Wartime Band
    A look at "Alexander the Great"
  • Between Me & My Calvin
    A look at "John Calvin"
  • My Pharaoh Lady
    My Pharaoh Lady
    Episode 11
    Hatshepsut, woman who ruled Egypt as a king around 1500 B.C. , is the subject of this episode. The reason why Hatshepshut ruled as a king, and not a queen, as well as possible reaction to her rulership is also explored.
  • Neolithic Park
    Neolithic Park
    Episode 10
    A look back 6000 years ago as humans discover agriculture, mining, and new tool making techniques
  • Dracula's Evil Twin
    This episode focuses on Prince Vlad of Wallachia, a ruthless leader whose ruthless killing of enemies and anyone who displeased him formed the basis of the literary vampire Dracula.
  • Rebel With A Cause
    Rebel With A Cause
    Episode 8
    The story of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, told from the Roman perspective.
  • The Duelling Transvestite
    This episode deals with the strange story of The Chevailer D'eon, a French diplomat in the 1770's who claimed he was actually a woman. With no irrefutable proof offered, opinions varied throughout Europe as to the truth of the claim, which is seen in the episode's sketches.
  • Goodbye Tudor Rose
    Goodbye Tudor Rose
    Episode 6
    A look at "Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's sixth wife"
  • Truth Or Prayer, The Crusade Tour
    A look at "The Queen of France's Crusade"
  • Nero Business Like Show Business
    This episode focuses on Nero, the eccentric emperor of the Roman Empire in 65 A.D., and his fascination with performing for public audiences. Nero's attitude and idiosyncrasies are also explored in this installment.
  • Battle Of The Anti-Popes
    In 1490 there were two Popes in Europe, each claiming to be the one true leader of the Church, and each competing for power.
  • The Captain Who Couldn't Sail Straight
    The story of British explorer Henry Hudson's ill-fated voyage to discover a passage to India in 1611, and the aftermath, is the focus of this episode.
  • Vikings à la Mode
    Vikings à la Mode
    Episode 1
    In this episode, the Vikings', led by Rollo the Gangor, invasion of northern France in the 10th century and how King Charles of France reacts to it is the focus of this episode.