History Bites

Season 2 Episode 23

Shakespeare In Love - Drake In Battle

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    • Quiz Show Host: The poor laws of 1572 made it a criminal offence to be one of these.
      (Leonard rings in)
      Quiz Show Host: Leonard?
      Leonard: What is a criminal?
      (Incorrect sound is heard)
      Quiz Show Host: Timmy?
      Timmy: What is...an...omelet?
      (Incorrect sound is heard)
      Quiz Show Host): Jane?
      Jane: What is...a vagrant?
      Quiz Show Host: Yes, vagrancy, of course. A very serious crime.....

    • Quiz Show Host: This all too common crime punished by a fine throughout England.
      (Jane rings in)
      Quiz Show Host: Jane?
      Jane: What is...not attending church?
      Quiz Show Host: Correct.

  • Notes

    • TOP TEN: Signs you're in a Renaissance.

      10. Alchemists now able to turn base metals into charred lumps.
      9. More health care funding means enough leeches for all.
      8. Paintings of devils and demons now have realistic perspective.
      7. Church police now able to dust for heretics.
      6. Scalpers are selling best seats for heaven.
      5. New all-the-millet-you-can-eat restaurants.
      4. Your outfit cost more than your new villa in the country.
      3. Everything on the best seller list is more than 1000 years old.
      2. New scientific tests for witchcraft.
      1. It seems every decade there's a new idea.

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