History Presents: Haunted Histories

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  • Season 1
    • Vampire Secrets
      Vampire Secrets
      Episode 4
      Vampires: Folktale or truth? Since Bram Stoker first published his novel "Dracula" in 1897, the world's most popular vampire has made his appearance in 44 languages. When the word 'vampire' is spoken, most people immediately think of the mythical Count Dracula. But our experts remind us that the vampire myth is much older, popping up from Athens to Beijing almost 1000 years before the Transylvanian legend most of us know. This History Channel special will explore this history of the vampire legend around the world and in different cultures.moreless
    • The fascinating story of Johann Konrad Dipple, a brilliant scientist caught up in the dark world of alchemy and body snatching. This is the true tale of the original mad scientist, born in 1673, in the famous gothic Frankenstein Castle that overlooked Germany's Rhine Valley. His pioneering work would lead to electric shock therapy used in modern medicine. It was at Frankenstein Castle that Dipple would carry out his search to brew a secret elixir of life. He began to dig up fresh corpses from the nearby Nieder-Beerbach cemetery and dragged them to his laboratory in Castle Frankenstein to test out his formulas. Ironically, it was his potions that finally killed him.moreless
    • 9/18/08
      This one hour documentary to air on The History Channel will present an in depth examination of the facts and the mysteries surrounding the court room trials of suspected witches in Salem Village, Massachusetts in 1692. The documentary hosted by David Ackroyd will explore the original, hand-written court records to reconstruct the events of what remains today one of the most fascinating real life court room dramas of all time. Using exact quotations from historic documents, the program will follow the cases of the suspected witches from accusations, to arrests, to preliminary hearings, to formal court proceedings, to sentencing, to executions. Through the use of documents, artifacts, paintings, illustrations, historically accurate recreations and expert interviews the program will seek to present the full story of the period in time and the individual lives of the people involved in this extraordinary chapter in history. The program will strive to give substance and heart to historical names that have previously only been footnotes in text books to most of us. Among those profiled will be Rev. Samuel Parris, Tituba, Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, Mary Warren, Bridget Bishop, Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor, Sarah Good, Dorcas Good, Giles Corey and Sir William Phipps. Experts, historians, authors and behavorial psychologists will help explain the underlying reasons for the great fear of witchcraft, neighborhood quarrels, hard economic times, strict religious precepts and the legal precedents that led to the charges of practicing witchcraft against more than 150 people in the New England farming community. We'll follow the facts to discover how 24 people paid with their lives for a hysteria that had gripped the community in 1692. The documentary will explore the evidence used in court, including the testimony of young girls and women who claimed they were being tormented by the invisible spirits of witches living in the village. The program will explmoreless
    • Hauntings
      Episode 1
      This show introduces three families who are convinced their houses are haunted. Some report eerie instances of doors opening and closing by themselves and strange lights dancing around the yard. Others are traumatized by butcher knives flying through the air and forbidding messages scrawled on their walls. One Midwestern family turned to a ghost-buster to rid the house of its unwanted guest. Bizarre phenomena at house in Colorado was caught on film. And a Pennsylvania family has learned to live with the spirits that have followed them to 11 homes. Skeptics, including psychologists, historians, photography experts and a Nobel-prize winning physicist, insist ghosts do not exist and offer scientific, medical and cultural explanations for the occurrences in these homesmoreless