History's Mysteries

The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season





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  • Very informative. Explains the topic in detail.

    History's Mysteries is a truely great show for historians, or students. The show clearly explains the topic in detail. You may even find something new about it? Who knows? The show revolves around famous themes such as Dracula, Zombies, ect. I watched this show about five times and every topic was different, and unique. This show adds on to your general knowledge about any topic. This show is one of the many i watch on the History Channel and i give it a thumbs up. However the show can sometimes become very boring if its over then 2 hours long.
  • Very educational!!

    We really need more shows like this one. There are so many different stories in history that people really don't know anything about and this is the show that explains it. People need to turn off dumb "blood and gore" primetime TV and watch educational programs such as this one. The history channel has been bringing us quality TV for years and this is yet another great accomplishment made by this channel...