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  • Network Missed a Hit!

    The network Once AGAIN has MISSED the Hit -

    A Great Gender Identification awareness series and something that their should be more of. Give me THIS kind of "reality" series ove Housewifes of"whatever". No ppl it is not a "REAL" reallity series - I mean it deals with reality issues in a great script.

    This series could have easily been tied up nice into a 12 or 14 episode series. I don't see why you Miss the Hit.

    Sad thing is I would LOVE to tell all my freinds to watch it but I don't want them feeling sttod up & short changed as I DO with the shoe.

    Actors & Actresses - GREAT GREAT job on all your characters Love them! & Chloe aka Mia I'd take you as my momdad moda? anyday

    I am soooo TIRED of starting to watch a show and then really get into it and LOVE IT & the network junkies take it off and give us some JUNK to watch. - I mean damn at LEAST finish the show instead of leaving us hanging on expecting it to be on next week. BUT NOOOO not a network they have to take the GOOD SHOWS Away or move them every week rto a different day or time or take them off for a few weeks then sneak 1 epi back in and go "OH well the #'s weren't their" DUhhhh see how many ppl show up to youre party if you

    1 - DONT tell anyone (aka ADVERTISE)

    2 - Change the day or time of what ppl did "hear" to check it out....

    3 - I';ll give ya a hint - Not enough to need to buy any extra snacks at the store!!!

    HEY NETWORK - IF YOU ARE LISTENING & YES I'M SCREAMING - Soon REAL SOON you guys are going to loose ALL of us #'s b/c we are not going to trust you and take our time for you to stand us up.

    MORE & MORE wse are WAITING until a series FINISHES until we even THINK about watching - at least that way we are guarenteed to see the whole show & we don't have to worry that we wasted 4-5-6-10 "whatever" weeks with you to be STOOD UP, for something YOU (the Network) THINK is better.

    I am sooo pissed that Episode 6 is where it stops and with a loaded gun pointing at everyone.

    I LOVE the show and the fact that it is not the "norm" of TV I love the transgender, mob, gore, but MOST of all that it goes in deep to everyones Gender Identification thoughts. GREAT story line Great actors GREAT eveything

    Sorry for the long vent but NEEDS to be said - is just happeneing tooo much to too many good series lately - hopefully theres a Nettwurb exec that see this cause I KNOW for sure I am not the only one that feels this way.

    Would rate a 10 if it had a proper ending to the series.
  • Wow Wow Wow

    This story must go on. I love the characters and the story line. I am on the edge of my seat, every episode. Mia is one tough broad. I could only hope my own mother cared for me as she does for the children. It's awesome to see transsexuals portrayed as individuals. Let the walls and stigma come down. We are who we are, there should be no shame in that. I love this show!
  • Hit and Miss

    I only saw four episodes and the tv channel stopped just showing it, Absolutely frustrating.

    I would rate this as one of the best shows ever, if not the best show I have seen for a long If free to air tv means that the program planners don't respect their viewers then it certainly is not worth the effort. I daresay they have a good reason but surely thay could share that with their viewers. VERY disappointing. Is the show coming back ??????
  • Hit and Miss Tragedy---or Is It?

    Totally agree with spr12cr and doloresdempse. Hit and Miss was a terrific show and to hear nothing is a bit disconcerting at the very least. In a world where communication is everything, then silence says it all for this show. That would be a shame.
  • HIT & HIT

  • TITLE? I like Hit & Miss

    I was glued to this mini series - very disappointed when they started reruns already. Please please we want MORE. It is such an unusual show, the cast is great, of course especially 'Mia'. The story line, the writing, the whole thing is believable when watching it.

    You are leaving us to pine away, with curiosity and fascination, and so many questions. I am left with desperation, forced to watch the reruns when they come up. HURRY!!!!!
  • Anyone Heard?

    is it coming back?

    if so, when?
  • Love this show alot

    Want to find out who does the opening music, anyone know?
  • Fantastic

    Love Hit and Miss! Chloe Sevigny did a brilliant job as Mia. really enjoy the fact that they have a transgender character. gets better by the episode. just wished they would of had made the season longer. there's been no word of it being cancelled, i really hope it comes back.
  • It's a Hit!!!

    Just caught the 1st episode...loved it!
  • Wow- What a great show.

    Totally riveting. Can't believe it ended after only 6 episodes. The last one was a devastating cliff-hanger, so I can't wait for season 2 ! I feel bad for my friends who can't see it, because they don't have DirecTV. That's a real shame.
  • My Favorite Show

    I loooooooove this show!!!! I started watching by accident and can't get enough. I want more.
  • Love it!

    I love this show and can not get enough. Hoping for six seasons and a movie.

    What I really want to know is what is the song at the beginning of the first episode?
  • Amazing!! Best miniseries in eons

    Amazing!! Just devoured the whole series and am stunned and bowled over by the acting, the script and the sincerity running through the series!
  • you better treat this right...

    I have just finished watching this series and I'm from Greece, so I now my drama (and deep economic recession). I devour tv series and this is by far the most compellling I've watched the last years. I just hope you give it the acknowledgement it deserves NOW before everyone else descovers it before you. The acting, directing, script and cinematography are out of this world... So download it, watch it and make it the hit it should be guys.

    P.S. I've never written any other review, but this is a series worth creating an account for and posting your very fisrt review...Yeah, it's that good.
  • I like it

    Very good start ... Chloe Sevigny is great ...
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