Hit Me Baby One More Time

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • This was actually a promising concept...

    This was actually a promising concept, with one-hit wonders (such as the now not-as-hot Tiffany and now neither lovely nor boyish Loverboy) playing their hit, then covering a \"current\" hit. And seeing oldies on stage was actually kind of fun. They brought in a huge crowd to cheer for every song, which kind of doesn\'t make sense, because how could ANYONE be a HUGE fan of Loverboy, Tiffany, Arrested Development, and Flock of Seagulls (plus whatever her name who sang \"Finally\")? And just as fake was the show\'s host\'s British accent. ugh.
    Still, the show wasn\'t actually embarassing to the bands, except that each song was clipped at 2 minutes. We don\'t need no stinkin\' bridges! My real problem was that I didn\'t like any of the songs they were covering--all OLD (the newest came out at least 13 months ago) stuff by the likes of Faith Hill, Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Clarkson, and Los Lonely Boys.
    so I turned it off