Hit Me Baby One More Time

Season 1 Episode 2

Week 2

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2005 on NBC

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  • Vanilla Ice stole the show

    Silly reviewers always hating on Vanilla Ice. He went out there and won because deep down inside everybody loves the ice man. There is a reason why he sold 7 million albums... you know you own a copy of it.

    Vanilla ice blew away his competition. Many of the artists aside from Haddaway were outdated. My Sharona was performed well and sounded great, but it\'s not the stuff that can rock a crowd the way an MC can.

    15 years after Vanilla Ice became a super star introducing hip-hop to mainstream America, he once again showed what we always loved about him. His fun nature, his dance moves, and that unforgettable hook based on Queen\'s classic song Under Pressure.

    Ice Ice Baby will always be a classic and loved even more 15 years from now.

    Word to ya mutha!
  • it made me hungry for some hot Knack lovin'

    I'm about halfway through this episode of Hit Me Baby One More Time, and I find my self disappointed. None of the bands have made fools of themselves yet. Gods help me, I hope someone destroys a cover song like A Flock of Seagulls did on the last episode (I'd pay money for a recording of that horror).

    I was most impressed with The Knack. They looked fabulous in matching black suits with narrow ties. And, despite being the band from longest ago, they made Sharona proud rocking like it was still 1979.

    Hadaway sounded fine with his "What is Love?" But am I fired up? Not particularly. I'm not sure his hit was even ten years ago. You want my vote over a band from more than a quarter of a century ago, you better do something shocking like strip down to your tighty-whities and have my name painted across your chest.

    Tommy Tutone, from almost as long ago as The Knack, was good. They haven't stood the test of time quite as nicely as The Knack, but they shouldn't feel bad -- few do. Still, I'm adequately interested in dialing up Jenny. If only I knew her number . . .

    The Motels? More like The Motel. All we've got left is the lead singer who isn't inspiring me in any direction.

    You know, maybe I was wrong before when I said nobody made a fool of himself. You don't have to do anything to be a fool when you're Banilla Ice. (Can I just say, though, to the host -- I don't care if you've got a cute little English accent, I can't get behind pronouncing vanilla with an r-sound at the end of it.) Still, outside of Banilla sounding a little angrier than I remember about the ice, baby, he was . . . well . . . as good as one can expect. That is except for messing up his own catch phrase and growling out "word to your motherrrrr" rather than "word to your mutha." Geez, dude. "Mutha" is not hard to manage, why'd you put that long r-sound at the end? It was the influence of the host, wasn't it? You got confused about where to apply Rs.

    At least I have some . . . uh . . . interesting cover songs to look forward to. Man, there were some creative choices made.

    The Knack, doing a good job with Jet's "Are You Going to Be My Girl," is really turning me on. I have no idea if any of the band members are originals but the lead singer, but with his level of energy and cuteness and talent, I'm interested. Oh yes I am.

    Hadaway, apparently feeling inspired by the little girl inside him, goes with a Britney cover. Newsflash, dude, you don't look sexy crawling across the floor like you think you actually are Britney. Aging black man = young oversexed white girl? Hardly. Your cover of this song is just as "Toxic" as the original.

    Oh my gods and goddesses. I need a recording of Tommy Tutone covering Blink-182's "All the Small Things." Oh. Ow. Ow ow ow. Don't quit your day job as a software engineer, my friend. Oooooooh. It doesn't hurt as bad as Flock's cover song did, but still . . . oooooow.

    The Motel hittin' a little Norah Jones. Whatever. Don't know why I can't get it up for her. She's doing fine, but I just don't care.

    Hahahaha. Oh my goodness. During the "where have they been" bit, just after talking about "vibin'" in the studio, Banilla said, "I'm just very grateful that I've lasted this long." Word to your motherrrr, Robert -- your only hit was 15 years ago. And in some sort of strange reversal of what Hadaway did earlier, Mr. Ice is covering Destiny Child's "Surviver." If I were in the studio audience, I'd almost feel tempted to vote for this crazy man dancing his wiggerness all over the stage like a spaz even though The Knack made me want to change my name to Sharona. But inadvertently funny only goes so far.

    And the winner is . . . sigh. No wonder the world hates America.
  • What is so great about Vanilla Ice?

    The Knack started out the show, looking and sounding old & boring. Haddaway came next singing his classic "What Is Love?". Again, nothing too impressive. Tommy Tutone ("867-5309 Jenny") sounded about the same, for better or for worse. The Motels' Martha Davis sounded outstanding on their classic hit "Only The Lonely". Vanilla Ice was then greeted to what sounded like a million screaming girls as he performed "Ice Ice Baby", with a lot of back-up (ok, lead) from his DJ. The second half of the show saw The Knack be old and boring, again. This was followed by Haddaway doing a lackluster performance of Britney Spear's "Toxic". Next Tommy Tutone killed "All The Small Things", originally by Blink 182. The Motels attempted a rocked out version of Norah Jones' hit single "Don't Know Why". This is likely what made them second to Vanilla Ice, who finished the show with his rendition of the Destiny's Child song "Survivor" and won the competition. Or is what brought it home for Ice the fact that 3/4 of the studio audience looked to be girls between the ages of 10-25? Assured they were voting for Vanilla's 'artistic talent'.