Hit Me Baby One More Time

Season 1 Episode 2

Week 2

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2005 on NBC

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  • Vanilla Ice stole the show

    Silly reviewers always hating on Vanilla Ice. He went out there and won because deep down inside everybody loves the ice man. There is a reason why he sold 7 million albums... you know you own a copy of it.

    Vanilla ice blew away his competition. Many of the artists aside from Haddaway were outdated. My Sharona was performed well and sounded great, but it\'s not the stuff that can rock a crowd the way an MC can.

    15 years after Vanilla Ice became a super star introducing hip-hop to mainstream America, he once again showed what we always loved about him. His fun nature, his dance moves, and that unforgettable hook based on Queen\'s classic song Under Pressure.

    Ice Ice Baby will always be a classic and loved even more 15 years from now.

    Word to ya mutha!