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  • Episode 20

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 20 - 10/9/09

  • Episode 19

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 4/19/09

  • Episode 18

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 4/19/09

  • Episode 17

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 17 - 4/19/09

  • Episode 16

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 4/19/09

    When murders are committed which are reminiscent of the Dongnambu serial murders 14 years ago, Kim Yeong-du (Kim Jeong-min), Jeong In-hui (Yun Ji-min), and Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) begin suspecting Baek Su-jeong who was suspected of the murders 14 year ago. Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) asks Jo Gyu-won (Son Hyeon-ju) to recall Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) who is at the Chungju Police Academy and informs him of Gang Chang-seon’s efforts to coerce the team into telling him the truth behind Cha Soo-gyung’s reassignment. Meanwhile, the members of the H.I.T. realize that the new series of murders are somehow related to Baek Su-jeong and await Cha Soo-gyung’s return. But Cha Soo-gyung tells them that she wants to remain at the Police Academy and live a happy life free from her painful past memories.moreless
  • Episode 15

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 4/19/09

    Kim Yeong-du (Kim Jeong-min), who was the detective in charge of investigating the Dongnambu serial murder spree 14 years ago, feels that something isn’t right as he makes a comparative analysis of the notebook that Hang Sang-min, who died in the line of duty, left him, the Sin Chang-su case, and the Jungnae-dong copycat murders. After receiving a report on the progress of the investigation on the Sin Chang-su murder case, Police Chief Gang Chang-seon orders the H.I.T. to focus on the Sin Chang-su case alone and tells them that he will assign the Jungnae-dong copycat murder case to another team. Meanwhile, Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) who is working as an instructor at the Police Academy sees Son Seong-ok training hard in the martial arts by herself and thinks back upon her younger days when she worked just as hard in order to become a homicide detective. When Son Seong-ok tells Cha Soo-gyung that she wants to become a detective because someone close to her was a victim, Cha Soo-gyung advises her to let go of her past. Gang Chang-seon calls the members of the H.I.T. to him one by one and asks them the real reason Cha Soo-gyung was assigned to the Police Academy.moreless
  • Episode 14

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 4/19/09

    The H.I.T. decides to vote whether they can accept the fact that Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) took and hid evidence from the scene of a crime. Upon hearing from Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) that Cha Soo-gyung hid evidence from a crime scene, Jo Gyu-won (Son Hyeon-ju) flies off the handle, kicking Cha Soo-gyung and telling her that she’d better get ready to resign. Kim Yeong-du is put in jail as the prime suspect in Sin Chang-su’s murder and with Jo Gyu-won’s help, Cha Soo-gyung is temporarily assigned as an instructor at the Chungju Police Academy. Meanwhile, when the press gets wind of the fact that the main suspect in the murder case of serial rapist Sin Chang-su is a former cop who had arrested him, they have a heyday with it, writing a barrage of speculative, sensationalist stories about it. Also, the H.I.T. office is inundated with angry calls. It is discovered that the blood on Sin Chang-su’s wristwatch belongs to Kim Yeong-du and minus Cha Soo-gyung, the detectives of the H.I.T. begin investigating Kim Ga-beom, a second suspect in the crime who is also connected with murders which were committed by a rope.moreless
  • Episode 13

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 4/19/09

    Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) orders the H.I.T. to search Cha Soo-gyung’s (Goh Hyun-jung) home and car on charges that she aided and abetted the escape of Kim Yeong-du (Kim Jeong-min), the prime suspect in the Sin Chang-su murder case. The 4 detectives of the team reluctantly follow the Prosecutor’s orders. Detective Jang (Choi Il-hwa) is shocked when he finds Kim Yeong-du’s button and a bloody wristwatch at Cha Soo-gyung’s place, but hides the evidence from Kim Jae-yoon. Meanwhile, anguishing over the deep bond of trust that Cha Soo-gyung and Kim Yeong-du share, Kim Jae-yoon drinks himself to a stupor and staggers over to Jeong In-hui (Yun Ji-min) and cries. When she bumps into Cha Soo-gyung in the hallway of the National Police Agency, Jeong In-hui tells her about how Kim Jae-yoon cried in front of her the other day and advises her to cut off ties with Kim Yeong-du if she truly wants to break free of her painful past memories. Sim Jong-geum who has been investigating the Sin Chang-su murder finds out that there was someone following Sin Chang-su on the day he was murdered.moreless
  • Episode 12

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 4/19/09

    When Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) discovers a button belonging to Kim Yeong-du (Kim Jeong-min) on the body of the serial rapist Sin Chang-su, she looks around and secretly pockets it. Although Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) sees Soo-gyung’s tense expression, Soo-gyung pretends that nothing has happened. But this is enough to raise suspicions. Cha Soo-gyung meets with Kim Yeong-du who tells her that he did not kill Sin Chang-su. But Cha Soo-gyung knows that because Kim Yeong-du has motive, and because of his whereabouts when the murder was committed and because of the evidence, he will be the prime suspect and erases all of his fingerprints from the crime scene. And in order to buy more time to find the real suspect, Cha Soo-gyung lies to Jo Gyu-won (Son Hyeon-ju) that her mother is sick, and takes Kim Yeong-du to her mother’s place in the countryside. Upon hearing that Cha Soo-gyung’s mother is sick, Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) becomes worried. He secretly finds out her mother’s address and goes to her house in the countryside.moreless
  • Episode 11

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 4/20/09

    The H.I.T. is working hard in order to find the intruder who took the evidence of the serial robbery case from Captain Jo Gyu-won’s (Son Hyeon-ju) office. Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) visits Jo Gyu-won with a prescription bottle belonging to Captain Choi and tells him that she is suspicious of Captain Choi. But Jo Gyu-won responds irritably, exploding at Cha Soo-gyung and shouting at her, saying that they should discuss it later. A little later after the incident, Jo Gyu-won visits the H.I.T. office and notifies them that Captain Choi will be arrested on charges of illegal phone tapping and larceny and orders the team to raid his house.Meanwhile, with the cooperation of a cell phone company, Jo Gyu-won listens to the messages on Captain Choi’s cell phone voice mail and finds out that Captain Choi has set up an appointment to meet Yang Hyeon-su, a former criminal who was recently released from prison. As Jo Gyu-won debates whether he should send the H.I.T. about the impending meeting, Cha Soo-gyung walks in and asks him if he found out anything from the voice mail on Captain Choi’s cell phone to which he replies that he found out nothing. Then, he goes to the meeting place between Captain Choi and Yang Hyeon-su by himself.moreless
  • Episode 10

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 4/19/09

    While the H.I.T. is investigating a serial robbery case assigned to them, the evidence in Captain Jo Gyu-won’s (Son Hyeon-ju) office is stolen. Immediately, an emergency meeting of ranking officers of the National Police Agency is called and the H.I.T. is assigned to the case and asked to keep it strictly confidential. Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) and the team begin to investigate the crime scene. While checking the security camera footage from the day of the crime from the situation room, the team discovers something suspicious. And after rewinding and playing back the tape multiple times, they discover that a person entered the policewomen’s dormitory at the time the crime was committed and begin to investigate. Unable to get rid of a strange hunch she has, Cha Soo-gyung calls Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) and asks him how he is doing when he promptly confesses that he mistakenly went into the policewomen’s dormitory the day before and was treated as a pervert.moreless
  • Episode 9

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 4/19/09

    The H.I.T. holds an emergency meeting at the news that Charlie Park (Kim Byeong-se) and Seong Yong-jun of YJ Finance have met in secret. Cha Soo-gyung conjectures that they met despite their dangerous situation because of the drugs the team confiscated and secretly assigns Sim Jong-geum (Kim Jeong-tae) and Nam Seong-sik (Ma Dong-seok) to investigate the case. But Jo Gyu-won visits the team and makes the decision to send Sim Jong-geum and Nam seong-sik to support Prosecutor Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo). Meanwhile, Charlie Park meets with Seong Yong-jun. When Seong Yong-jun smiles in a carefree manner, seemingly unconcerned about the tension Charlie Park is feeling, Charlie Park grabs him by the collar and warns him that if this problem isn’t solved within a week, neither of them are going to come out of this unscathed.moreless
  • Episode 8

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 4/19/09

    The team is enraged to find out that children were used to smuggle drugs into the country. Hui-jin (Seo Hyeon-jin) sees a friend being kidnapped by gangsters on the street and follows them in a cab. Then she calls her father, Jang Yong-hwa (Choi Il-hwa), and tells him the location of the gangsters. The team rushes to the scene. Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) goes to Jo Gyu-won (Son Hyeon-ju) and asks for arrest warrants saying that all 22 suspects must be arrested at once. Having been issued the 22 arrest warrants that he requested, Jae-yoon returns to the office and gives Soo-gyung the warrants. And team prepares to make the arrests. The preparations are over and the team is about to go when all the suspects with Great White Shark at their head come into the station in order to turn themselves in.moreless
  • Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 4/19/09

    Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) is wearing a black cocktail dress and high heels. Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) is momentarily taken aback by Soo-gyung’s feminine beauty but regains composure and pretends not to be affected. The two enjoy dinner at a restaurant and go to a casino and enjoy a date like any other couple. As the night wears on, they become curious about each other’s feelings and agree to write down how they feel about one another on a piece of paper and meet up on the deck. Meanwhile, Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) has barely escaped the Hong Kong gangsters leaving Jang Yong-hwa (Choi Il-hwa) behind and requests that the Hong Kong police arrest Charlie Park. But the police say that they cannot arrest him for lack of evidence and the frustrated Kim Il-ju returns to the consulate and decides with Soo-gyung and Jae-yoon to move in on the suspect without the assistance of the police.moreless
  • Episode 6

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 4/19/09

    Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) is being held in a warehouse bound hand and foot. Tears well up in her eyes when she sees that Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) has come all the way to Hong Kong to save her despite being unable to handle a gun himself. Soo-gyung picks up the gun that Jae-yoon brought her and holds her kidnappers at bay, escaping with Jae-yoon. But as they escape, they are discovered by Charlie Park (Kim Byeong-se) and a shootout ensues. And in the shootout, Soo-gyung is injured in her arm. Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) and the staff of the Korean consulate visit Lantau Island Tian Tan Buddha Park in order to meet Jang Yong-hwa (Choi Il-hwa) but instead, are surrounded by Hong Kong gangsters. Kim Il-ju glances at them and ignores them and he wanders around the place in search of Jang Yong-hwa when suddenly, he feels somebody grab him.moreless
  • Episode 5

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 4/19/09

    Inside her room, Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) looks at the photograph she took with her old boyfriend and is suddenly reminded of Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo). She puts on her clothes and decides to go meet Jae-yoon but hesitates. And instead, she sends him a text message saying that she has something to say to him and she wants to meet him. Jae-yoon has been hanging out in front of Soo-gyung’s house and jumps at the tone indicating that he has received a text message. Hearing the tone herself, Soo-gyung opens her front door to find Jae-yoon standing there stupefied. Cha Soo-gyung visits Jang Yong-hwa’s (Choi Il-hwa) ex-wife and learns that he has gone to Hong Kong in search of his runaway daughter and leaves immediately for Hong King after him.moreless
  • Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 4/19/09

    Lieutenant Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) goes to the apartment of Lee Hae-gang (Jeong Gyeong-ho) in order to investigate the disappearance of a masseuse. Hae-gang’s cell phone begins to ring as Soo-gyung waits for Hae-gang in the living room and she picks up the phone in order to take it to him. But when she sees that the incoming call is from none other than Sim Jong-geum (Kim Jeong-tae), she realizes that Hae-gang is the suspect and reaches for her gun, at which moment Hae-gang kicks a coffee table into Soo-gyung and runs away. Disheartened about losing the suspect once again, Soo-gyung searches the apartment with her team members and finds a clue in Hae-gang’s car. The team finds out about the whereabouts of the suspect through Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) and begins to close in on him once more.moreless
  • Episode 3

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 4/19/09

    When Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) and Sim Jong-geum (Kim Jeong-tae) find out that the crimes they are investigating were committed by the same person, the investigation takes on new life and the team begins to work, investigating phone records and pinpointing the suspect’s location through his cell phone. hen the team finds out the suspect’s location, they move in quickly. But the suspect is at a crowded shopping mall and can’t be found. Soo-gyung goes to visit the chief detective. Chief Detective Gang Chang-seon informs Soo-gyung that he will dismantle the team for letting the suspect escape and instructs her to hand all the team’s files over to the metropolis police department and await further orders. Soo-gyung who knows that she is onto something asks the Chief Detective for one more week and the he warns her that if she fails to catch the suspect this time, she could be demoted. Meanwhile, wanting to receive all the credit for solving the case, Sim Jong-geum hides Man-su (Yun Seo-hyeon) and Yong-pil (Ji Sang-ryeol), the two people who could break the case wide open, in a location that only he knows.moreless
  • Episode 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 4/19/09

    When the media reports that the police is unaware that a serial killer is at large, a committee is held and a task force is organized with Lieutenant Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) as the leader and newly instated public prosecutor Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) as its prosecutor in charge. Even though the task force is under the direct command of police headquarters, the H.I.T’s office is set up away from the headquarters. The people assigned to the team arrive one by one. There’s Detective Nam Seong-sik (Ma Dong-seok) who looks more like a gangster than a police detective, Sergeant Sim Jong-geum (Kim Jeong-tae), a loose-lipped cop with a careless attitude, Sergeant Jang Yong-hwa (Choi Il-hwa), the consummate drunk who comes in reeking of alcohol, and Lieutenant Kim Il-ju (Jeong Dong-jin) who is a graduate of the National Police University, who comes in wearing a tight-fitting cyclist’s outfit. After holding a press conference and an inception ceremony for the team, the Police Commissioner (Jo Gyeong-hwan) sits facing Cha Soo-gyung and the newly organized team and gives them orders to find the serial killer.moreless
  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 4/19/09

    It’s late at night and Cha Soo-gyung (Goh Hyun-jung) and another detective are on a stakeout. Soo-gyung is wearing toe socks and she squirms and squiggles uncomfortably because her feet are itching. And then, being unable to bear it any longer, she takes the socks off and begins to scratch her feet. At that moment, she gets a message on her radio that the Buffalo has come out and her eyes take on a cold gaze as she returns to headquarters. The Violent Crimes Unit number 4 of Gangnam Police Station gathers for a meeting. Soo-gyung shows the blueprints of the casino and bar where the Buffalo is hiding and gives a detailed briefing on how they will go about arresting him. Soo-gyung and her unit prepare for the raid and swiftly approach the casino.Kim Jae-yoon (Hah Jung-woo) is on the toilet doing his business and reading a newspaper. Suddenly, the door of the stall flies open and the Buffalo and his cronies take him by the collar, throw him to the ground, and escape through a secret passageway. Jae-yoon opens the restroom door and looks around. Then realizing the situation at hand, he follows the Buffalo into the secret passageway.moreless
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