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  • Many Unemployable People

    Horders is a great programme in many ways which empathetic watchers will figure out for themselves. However there are far more than half of the Psychologists and helpers who I would not employ to assist or counsel with those in need of help on this show and especially the host. I think he is thoughtless and actually vulgar, selfish and totally out of his area of work here - and those others I mentioned are untrustable and often un-empathetic and hence unsuitable and seem only after some fame or glory for the finished task. And this is such a shame.
  • Old age & hoarding rating -0

    I was asked, a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago, to invest in a tv program showing So, I went to acouple of hoarding places as provided by would be tv producers. In one episode, I discovered that the man that was the hoarder, was not the real hoarder, but the father. And, I was doubtful about the situation because there was no dust on any of the items. Hoarding, for years, requires dust. The walls were not that bad and the carpet had no stains. So, I phoned around to see if any carpet companies had recently placed down carpet and voila, the addresses matched. Now, I am not complaining, I know that there are am a superintendent. Also, recently, my in-laws went into an apartment at age 89 and the family & friends went and emptied their house to be sold. My mother-in-law hoarded clothes (from the 50's on) & my father-in-law filled his whole double garage with vacuums from the 50's on. He was so upset but now they are settling down with some resentment to "where did everything I think it has to do with the war & depression when people lost everything and had no jobs nor money. I think hoarders are hanging because of fear of having everything taken away and these "things are still

    I think that it is a must to take a hoarder to a third world country to show them how much good GIVING AWAY their unused things could do for this world if they were to contribute to charities. I was hoarding, a little, Size 9 garments that I really had good memories I finally cut them down to a four by four inch square for a memory blanket. I am now size 15. One of the episodes I was to invest in presented a hoarder but when I did research he actually had a permit for a junk yard. He sung the American national anthem when asked but it was presented on tv as his own idea. Nasty! We have to be careful when removing things that we are not breaking the law and the only people that can issue a warrent, or whatever, is the next of kin, with proof of dna kinship. I told a tenant recently to put all his boxes behind his coach as it presents a fire hazard but truth be told, I am not allowed to police a tenant as long as their is a walking lane. So, be careful. One knows when the time is right to unload with kindness and firmness. My in law was upset because all of his business receipts had been thrown out by my husband and his other sons and I collected what was remained and placed them into files marked, 1979, etc. It was reassuring to him that he had them just in case the government was to do an Revenue Canada audit. One needs to do some compromising.

    iris cutforth


  • This is sad!

    The thing I see most in each episodes of this series is lost time and missed opportunities. It's so sad how much of their lives is lost to this problem. It's a little on the dark side and the show doesn't show much about any hope for these people other than the 5 second updates at the end, which isn't always good news anyway. I want to believe things get better for them so I'd like to see more on that side when people do make a good turn.
  • How come on all these episodes there is no mention about the unadulterated filth that these people live in? It is always about they are HOARDERS and it is a sickness no mention about the filth an laziness that you see in these episodes. It is sad to see


    This show is totally disgusting seeing these people wallowing in shear filth, and they have no shame that is all they do is argue like the fella last night with his rabbits he bitched and moaned and you all did the cleaning as he played video games totally absurd and better yet he was laughing all the time shame on him UGGHH

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