Hoarders - Season 1

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Aug 17, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 9/28/09
    Paul who was previously charged for criminal littering and failing to meet three court order deadlines is under orders from a judge to clean up his two acre property which contains seventy junk cars, thousands of pounds of scrap metal and hundreds of old appliances or else face being fined plus additional jail time. Single mother Missy is a hoarder who has a seven year old son named Alex who is learning his mother's negative way of livingmoreless
  • Kerrylea / Lauren
    Episode 6
    Kerrylea and her husband Geoff have 2 houses, the first of which they have completely filled! The felt the best thing to do was to buy another home. But, now in order to sell one home, they need to empty it. Lauren's hoarding forces her boyfriend to sleep in the living room. If she cannot begin to deal with her hoarding problem, Will plans to leave her.moreless
  • Jake/Shirley
    Episode 5
    Jake is just 21 years old but suffers from hoarding and OCD, hoarding garbage all over his house. Jake feels like his life might end soon because it's so bad. Shirley has taken in a lot of stray cats, but now she's lost count of how many she actually has. Now, her home is unfit for animals to live there and she must cooperate with authorities to remove over 75 cats (living and dead) from her home.moreless
  • Tara/Betty
    Episode 4
    Tara's landlord already plans to evict her if she can't manage her countless collections. At Betty's house, her husband who is ill lives in decrepid conditions and he was moved out of the house. Betty needs to desperately clean up her house and her yard in order to live there again.moreless
  • Linda/Steven
    Episode 3
    Linda's husband could no longer stand the compulsive hoarding that filled the house they owned together. However, Linda must now sell her home as part of the settlement and it is sure to be an elaborate and anxiety-provoking process. Steven is at risk of eviction with a very poorly kept government-run housing. He may end up homeless again if he cannot clean up his house.moreless
  • Patty/Bill
    Episode 2
    While the outside of Patty and David's home seems perfect, inside it is completely filled with unnecessary belongings. The hoarding is so severe that Patty's children have already been removed by child services. Bill's hoarding has haunted Lorelei for 25 years. Lorelei has even hurt herself tripping over Bill's piles of belongings. She threatens to leave him if he can't make the house livable.moreless
  • 8/17/09
    Both Jennifer and Ron, parents of three children, are hoarders, with their home quickly filling up with mementos of past infancies. It's so bad that Jennifer fears child services will be called. Jill owns two freezers and four refrigerators, yet it still doesn't seem to be enough, because they are packed full. Jill fears her landlord will evict her soon because she has lost her job.moreless