Hoarders - Season 3

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Aug 17, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Glen/Lisa
    Episode 19
    Glen's collection of rats have gotten so out of control that he now lives in a shed. Glen has asked that the rats be removed so he can resume living in his home but insists that the rats are not killed in the process. Lisa's hoarding has filled her father's house completely and her father is threatening to evict her unless she cleans the house and removes the large number of cats she has as pets.moreless
  • Hanna/Kathy & Gary
    Episode 18
    Hanna's large collection of chickens has forced her out of her home and she and her farm animals face the possibility of freezing to death unless she can get her home decluttered. Kathy and Gary have let thirty rabbits run free in the home they rent and made it unliveable. The homewoner will give them a chance to remain if they can clean up their act.moreless
  • Mary/Mary Ann
    Episode 17
    Mary has spent of her inheritance on items for her shop but most of the items never leave her increasingly cluttered home. Mary Ann's hoarding is so out of control that her husband is threatening to divorce her unless she changes her ways.
  • Andrew/Lydia
    Episode 16
    Andrew finds himself a hoarder like his mother and wants to break free from the habit and lead a normal life. Lydia looks to clear her cluttered home so her son can come home from the hospital and recuperate there.
  • Andrew/Shania
    Episode 15
    In a neighborhood full of houses worth millions of dollars, Andrew's house is an eyesore. The inside and outside of his house is completely filled, he's living without running water and he even has allowed a homeless man to create a makeshift shelter in his front yard. His brother has now given him an ultimatum, clean up or else he'll report the house to Adult Protective Services and have him and his belongings removed from the home without his consent. Shania is only fourteen years old and she is already a hoarder. She has three rooms full of broken toys and old clothes that she refuses to part with. Shania is not entirely to blame for her behavior though. She mostly learned her hoarding behavior from her parents Belinda and Kevin who a both hoarders. Fed up with the current situation, Belinda has threatened to leave the house if the entire family doesn't address their hoarding.moreless
  • Jim/Susan
    Episode 14
    Last summer, the police, the fire department, Child Protective Services and City Code Enforcement came to Jim's house and told his family that it was uninhabitable. Decades of hoarding have pushed his siblings and adult children away from him and if doesn't clean up, Jim and his wife will end up homeless and they'll lose custody of their grandchildren. Susan's massive hoard including a collection of over 100 dolls has completely taken over Susan's house; so much so that her and her husband, Bill have left the house and have been living in a hotel room; However, they have depleted all of their accounts including their retirement account and they have run out of money for more hotel stays forcing them to move back into their home. Although Bill is critically ill, the hoard has taken over the house leaving Bill without a bed forcing him sleep on the basement floor and now their daughter has threatened to report them to Adult Protective Services if they don't clean out the house.moreless
  • Arline/Carolyn
    Episode 13
    Arline sleeps in his car rather than his home full of hoarded items. Carolyn has hoarded a large amount of items and stolen items are found in her hoard.
  • Lloyd/Carol
    Episode 12
    Lloyd's home is so filled that he is forced to sleep in one of the many storage trailers he has on his property. He now faces large fines if he can't clean up his property.

    Carol's husband Kelly left her vermin and bug infested home but returned later for the sake of his teenage daughter but if Carol doesn't clean up, Kelly will leave her for good.moreless
  • Al/Julie
    Episode 11
    Al used to take his three year old son dumpster diving but now Child Protective Services has removed the child from the home. In addition to that Al faces being fined $2,500 a day if he doesn't clean up his home. Julie's hoarded house is so severe that no one had noticed a homeless woman living among the mounds of stuff in the basement. Her husband's years of resent boils over into intense daily arguements and if she doesn't clean up her house, her husband will leave her.moreless
  • Theresa/Karen
    Episode 10
    Theresa eats food that has gone past its expiry date for safe consumption. Karen is a former lawyer who is struggling to get her hoarding in order.
  • Mary Lynn/Ingrid
    Episode 9
    Mary Lynn's fourteen year old son Jacob would rather be in foster care than continue to live in his mother's hoarded house. He went as far as to make up a story about his mother beating him just to get Child Protective Services involved and they monitor Mary Lynn's house on a regular basis. Mary Lynn must now work to clean her house or she'll risk losing her son forever. Ingrid has become addicted to buying things off of home shopping channels and now her addiction has literally taken over her household. Unopened boxes fill the home to the point where the house is almost impossible to use. Over the last few years Ingrid has suffered from mysterious health problems and as the clean up process begins the source within all the cluttermoreless
  • Dawn/Linda
    Episode 7
    Dawn's house is not only cluttered from her hoarding, it is also infested with cockroaches and black widow spiders. The conditions in the house are so bad that the city is threatening her to fine her $1000 a day if she dosen't clean up. To make matters worse her husband has now threatened to divorce her and kick her out of the home before their two teenage daughters are taken away by Child Protective Services. Linda's house is so cluttered that her diabetic husband is unable to get around his house by himself. On days when Linda is at work, her husband is confined to a bedroom upstairs with little access to food and water. If Linda dosen't address her hoarding now, her adult daughter will have her father removed from the home by Adult Protective Services and she'll cut off all contact with her mother.moreless
  • Kathleen/Margree
    Episode 6
    Kathleen's hoarding is so bad that her son gave a up a college scholarship because he didn't want to leave his sixteen year old sister alone with her mother. The kitchen dosen't work and the piles of junk are used to support sagging doorways to rooms that be used. Things have gotten so bad that Kathleen's sister Paula has now decieded to use her law degree to petition the courts to have her sixteen year old niece removed from the home if Kathleen dosen't clean up.

    Two years ago Margree married a minister but her home was so cluttered that he couldn't move in. Fed up with her unwillingness to clean up her husband now rents an apartment on his own but now he's giving Margree one last chance to clean up or else he'll divorce her.moreless
  • Robin/Ken
    Episode 6
    Robin's home is so full of garbage that people in the street can smell the stench. With the city condemning the property and threatening to tear it down at their expense, Robin and her father must clean up their house to save it. Ken faces going to jail for six months unless he can clean up the old food and get rid of the piles of trash that are homes to vermin according to the neighbors.moreless
  • Vula/Lisa
    Episode 5
    Vula's home is also home to 30 sick cats that have completely taken over the household. They have used the entire house as a litter box and especially in the kitchen which is filled with piles of hoarded food. Now Animal Control and the city attorney has stepped in with an ultimatum; either clean the house or risk being evicted and having the house demolished. Lisa is fifth grade teacher who lost her previous job for bringing her hoarding ways into her classroom and now her current job is now at stake and so is her relationship with her boyfriend of three years. Her mother and her sister help her out during the clean up process and they soon learn that Lisa's hoarding runs much deeper into the family than they expected.moreless
  • Adella/Teri
    Episode 5
    Just weeks before Adella's estranged husband died he asked their daughter to help her clean up her house one last time. Adella's hoarding ways have cost her a previous house, her marriage and her relationship with her relationship with her children but now the children are choosing to put their previous conflicts with their mother aside to honor their father and to help save their mother's home from being condemned by the city. Teri's husband has become so fed up with his wife's hoarding that he threatens to divorce her if things don't change. The couple have two young children and they are forced to live in a house that is so cluttered that the front door dosen't open fully. Both children suffer from severe asthma and they both share a bed with their parents. The conditions of the house are so severe that clinical psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio feels legally obligated to report the house to Child Protective Services soon after arriving at the house.moreless
  • 9/6/10
    Gordon & Gaye along with their two grown children have been given 72 hours to vacate their house. Gordon and Gaye now must work together with their children to clean up a lifetime of hoarding or the risk losing both their house and their pets. Sir Patrick hoards stuff which he thinks are his treasures and fondly refers to them as "Camelot". The items he collects include: goblets, dolls, oriental inlay screens, fountains and artwork but his collections have put him so far in debt that his church now pays for his electricity bills and now in order to avoid bankruptcy he must sell some of his treasures.moreless
  • Tami/George
    Episode 3
    Tami needs a bone marrow transplant to give her a chance to survive cancer. However, her home is so cluttered with her hoarding that it must be cleaned up for her to recuperate after the needed operation.

    George's unfinished projects are strewn all over his property and in his home and are putting a strain on his relationships with his family. George faces the prospects of stiff fines and possible jail time unless he can get his property cleaned up.moreless
  • Carolyn/Jo
    Episode 2
    Carolyn's daughter is so unhappy about the cluttered condition of the home that she has been leaving notes for her mother intimating that she is threatening suicide. Carolyn must get her hoarding under control or face a possible tragedy. Jo's pursuit of collecting has resulted in her home filled to overflowing with objects and put a strain on her forty eight year marriage. Unless she can get her hoarding under control, Jo's marriage could come to an abrupt end.moreless
  • Laura/Penny
    Episode 1
    A woman with terminal cancer wants to clean her house and leave a good legacy for her children and grandchildren. A mother fears her hoarding may result in her children being taken away from her.