Hoarders - Season 4

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Aug 17, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Mike/Bonnie
    Episode 17

    Mike's home is so toxic that a virus she contracted in the house caused her kidneys to fail and nearly killed her. Her doctor told her that she shouldn't return to her house until it's cleaned thoroughly, but instead of cleaning she chose to live with her sister. Months have passed and now her sister has become fed up with her hoarding behaviour and she wants Mike to move out; but if Mike dosen't clean up her house, she will be homeless.

    Bonnie is a single mother of two teenage daughters and neither her or her daughter's remember their house ever being clean. Her home is hoarded and is in need of repair but Bonnie fears that if she allows anyone in her house, CPS will get involved. Her two daughters have become tired of washing dishes in the bathtub and the constant arguments they have with their mother. Bonnie must now clean up in order to salvage her relationship with her daughters

  • Wilma/Nora
    Episode 16

    Wilma's hoard is so bad that the city has deemed her home uninhabitable. Regardless she is illegaly living in her house and if she doesn't clean up her property, it will be condenmed. But she refuses to take responsibilty for her actions and during a heated clean up she refuses to part with her belongings but she has no problem severing ties with her three grown children.

    Nora's house is filled with row after row of containers. The line up the entire house and small crevices are the only way Nora gets around her house. They are filled with shopping finds including books, scrapbooking supplies, teaching materials, fabric and children's items intended for her grandchildren. But her compulsive shopping has maxed out an entire equity line of credit and has exhausted her fixed income. Nora must now learn how to manage her compulsions or else she'll lose her house.

  • Eileen/Judy
    Episode 15

    Ronald is a fire fighter who is legally mandated to report hoarded houses. However the hoarder is his wife Eileen and the house is his own. Eileen has not only destroyed her 3,200 square foot home with her hoard, she has also destroyed her relationships with her husband and her six sons. Now Eileen's oldest son Steven has threatened to turn Eileen in to the health department if the living conditions don't improve for her and Steven's younger brothers.

    Judy has spent almost all of her one million dollar inheritance on her hoard. In addition to her hoard she has lost $30,000 worth of cheques in the hoard. The floor to ceiling hoard not only occupies the house, but storage units and trailer. Judy now needs to get her compulsions under control and clean up her house to find her cheques or else she and her husband will go broke.

  • Judy/Jerry
    Episode 14

    Judy has hoarded out her home and she's using a recent cancer surgery as an excuse to stay with her friend Linda. What started out as Judy staying with Linda for a few weeks turned into ten months of a nightmare of Judy bringing her hoarding ways into Linda's home. Linda and her family have now had enough and are willing to kick Judy out of the house, regardless of whether or not she has cancer; but until Judy cleans up her house, she will be homeless.

    Jerry used to live in a house worth a half a million dollars in wealthy neighborhood. He lived there with his kids until his hoarding got so bad that his kids moved out of the house to live with their grandparents. Recently the house went up in flames after a recent arson attack; in addition to the burnt out shell of Jerry's home, a giant junkyard surrounds it. It has become a huge eyesore and nusiance in the community and it will be seized by the city if Jerry doesn't clean up.

  • John/Vivian
    Episode 13

    Despite being a former corrections officer, John faces multiple animal cruelty charges for hoarding more than thirty cats. They hide in the walls and ceiling and almost all of the surfaces in the house are covered in cat urine and feces; the remaining rooms in the house are all jammed full of the belongings of him and his deceased motherwhich he refuses to part with.

    Vivian's hoarding has literally pushed her husband Slyvester out of the house. Slyvester runs a business in Detroit but he often visits his wife as soon as possible. But when Slyvester visits, he often stays at hotels and now the regular visits have decreased. Vivian now must either clean out her house or risk losing her husband.

  • Kevin/Mary
    Episode 12

    Kevin is the youngest son of a renowned political strategist and a movie star who both have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Growing up, he lived in mansion and had aseemingly perfect life, but now he has hit rock bottom and his apartment is sojammed full ofstuff,the only way into his apartmentis through awindow on the fire escap andnow sleeps on a bench in front of the apartment building. His neighbors and his brother have now had enough and now Kevin must clean his apartment or face eviction.

    Mary is so obsessed with the Victorian age that she has filled her house with Victorian era decorations and furniture to the point where her house is now crumbling around her. Her children have now refused to help her or let her live in any of their houses leaving Mary to either clean up her house in order to save her relationship with her family.

  • 8/29/11

    In this episode, some of the more memorable individuals from the third seson are revisited and viewers see what has transpired in the interim.

  • Lisa/Bertha
    Episode 10
    Lisa is an active chef,a member of various cooking groups,an expert on historical cooking gadgets and she lives in a million dollar house in a wealthy neighborhood in Washington D.C.; However the years she spent hoarding food has made the kitchen in her house look like a slum. Her daughter's has memories of her cooking with both food that has been either expired or infested with insects reassuring her that "bugs are an extra source of protein". Bertha delivers newspapers for a living and during her paper routes, she often goes through her neighbor's trash in search of "treasures" that she can take home; However she has hoarded so much stuff that her backyard looks like a city dump and the rest of her home is virtually inaccessible. The city has now given Bertha an ultimatum: clean up the mess within 40 days or go to jail.moreless
  • Stacey/Roi
    Episode 9
    Stacey's home has forty seven cats and dogs and she needs to clean it up to continue living there. Roi's hoarding is so out of control that he has spent time in jail on two occasions previously.
  • Becky/Clare
    Episode 8
    The fees for storing her collection has driven a hoarder deep into debt. A hoarder's refusal to change her ways has resulted in her being banned from her own home.
  • Beverly/Megan
    Episode 7
    Beverly's home is filled to overflowing with her collection of home recordings and other items she has collected. Megan's home is a danger to her and her children due to Megan's hoarding of items.
  • Ron/Carol
    Episode 6
    Rooms in Ron's home are inaccessible due to his constant hoarding. Carol lives in a truck in front of her home, which is condemned due to her hoarding of items.
  • Randy/Vicki
    Episode 5
    Randy hoards boardwalk memorabilia to the point it is now overwhelming. Vicki's collecting has grown to the point that it may cost her everything she holds dear.
  • Roy/Loretta
    Episode 4
    Roy is currently facing $20 million in fines due to the massive amounts of vehicles on his property. Aa a successful inventor, Roy is reluctant to part with any of his vehicles as he uses them for material for his inventions. However Roy must now part with his vehicles and other items he has hoarded or else the only way he can pay of his massive fine is to sell his property. Loretta and her husband were robbed at gun point by thieves in their home and most of their posessions were stolen by them. AFter the incident, Loretta and her husband got a fresh start at life again when they moved to a new neighborhood. However the tramua from the incident has caused Loretta to hoard everything that comes into her house. Loretta is now pregnant with her second child and now must try to face her hoarding problem before C.P.S. gets involved.moreless
  • 7/4/11
    This episode follows up on four hoarders that were seen in past seasons and what has transpired in the interim.
  • Billy Bob/Jean
    Episode 2
    Billy Bob's home is overflowing with toys and games to the point it is straining relations between him and his family. Jean's home looks perfect on the outside but the interior is filled with hoarded items to the point that Jean and her husband may have their granddaughter that they are raising taken away unless conditions improve.moreless
  • Phyllis/Janet
    Episode 1
    Every room in Phyllis's house is packed with dolls. She has so many dolls that many of her bags of dolls almost reach the ceiling and she has taken over a room in her house where she uses doll limbs to create new dolls. However things are now turning for the worst as her son has now threatened to call adult protective services if she can't keep her collection under control. Janet's house is so hoarded that she climbs over mountains of garbage just so she can get to her one recliner where she eats and sleeps. She has lived without heat and running water for years and now she huddles under a layer of seven blankets for warmth. Appalled by her mother's living conditions, one of Janet's nine children is now threatening to have Janet committed for her own safety.moreless