Hoarding: Buried Alive

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Hoarding: Buried Alive

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TLC takes viewers into homes cluttered and packed by people who are obsessed with saving items in large quantities that most people would discard in the trash.

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AIRED ON 4/2/2014

Season 5 : Episode 28

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    • Worst House on Hoarding: Buried Alive - Rat Infested

      I'm always disgusted by the condition's the hoarders live in. This show is one of the worst. Ton's of huge rats. The lady is obviously mentally sick. She is wanting to keep items that are covered in rat drippings. She is so sick. So sad to watch. The poor realtors who bought the house, they said this was the worst house they have ever bought. I'm so happy for the neighbors. They will no longer have to deal with a mess in their neighborhood. Especially all of the rats. This might be the worse house ever on Hoarding Buried Alive. Also the lady is not really getting the help she need's. She is homeless now, her family has nothing to do with her. Her hoarding has taken everything from her. I think the realtors are the ones who contacted the show. The first day they took 6 full large dumpsters. They said they would need 3 more day's to clear it out. The end was so surprising. Loved what the realtors did. They should be commended.moreless
    • Save those poor cats

      I don`t understand why on to nights episode the fire marshal didn't report to animal control about the cats being kept in small cages. You can tell they are never let out. That's inhumanity for those poor cats. who cares about the people if they want to live like that, but the animals are suffering!!!!! That makes me sick to see those cats kept like that. Carol from Michigan
    • Love Hoarding: Buried Alive

      The psychological aspect is fascinating.
    • Interesting programme - treating the problem of hoarding in a sympathetic way

      I watched one episode of the programme, and found it quite interesting I felt that the makers treated the subject matter appropriately and in a sympathetic way. Fortunately the episode I watched had a positive outcome. I was quite surprised by the programme as its the first time I have watched anything about hoarding, although there is a huge number of series covering the problem currently. It was all quite an eye-opener but not really a series I would follow as it is really a very depressing clinical condition.moreless
    • Credentials of staff working with the hoarder

      Who and what are the credentials for the doctors, psychologists

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    high stake situations, isolation from society, journey into the abyss, love/hate relationships, outcasts